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Student, Alumni, and Parents

What they are saying...

Marine Military Academy provides a wholesome, patriotic and invigorating atmosphere that inspires cadets toward maximum achievement. Read our recent reviews for insight into the MMA experience and how it has impacted the lives of current and former cadets, as well as their parents.
Elite Military High School

"There are few places that will give you the same kind of tools to do well in life that MMA has to offer."

"I would recommend MMA to students who want to excel as a leader and create a strong foundation for their future."

— Aboira Irumudomon of Orlando, Florida, Delta Company

"There are few places that will give you the same kind of tools to do well in life that MMA has to offer. By coming here, I have gained the skills it takes to be both a successful student and the meaning of a true leader — putting others before myself, and to always set the example."

— Caleb Reynolds of McAllen, Texas, Alpha Company

"After I have been here for so long, I can say that I stand up for the things I believe in. MMA has taught me to be very strong morally."

— Gabriel Gonzales of Galveston, Texas, Delta Company

"MMA allows boys the opportunity to become men. Without it, I would be just another student trying to get into college, but because of MMA, I have schools fighting over me."

— Michael McGraw of Dallas, Texas, Alpha Company

"I would recommend MMA as a challenge to anybody who wishes to better themselves mentally, physically and academically. MMA has taught me drill, military bearing and work ethic; all of which has made me more responsible, a higher achiever, and, ultimately, a better leader."

— Robert Pearson, Jr. of Las Vegas, Nevada, Delta Company

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