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Flight Training

Earn A Pilot's License

Enroll in Flight Training at MMA and become a licensed pilot! With FAA-approved coursework, a full-motion flight simulator and a safe, technically advanced aircraft, the aviation program at MMA is second to none.
Glass cockpit Cessna 172 flight trainer

Why should my son learn to fly?

Becoming a pilot is a huge accomplishment and confidence builder .. and success leads to more success!

Aviation requires math, science and technology applications. Learning to fly will not only reinforce your son's academic skills, it will make his college application stand out.

Less than one percent of the people in the United States have a pilot certificate. Your son will possess a skill with a rising job demand.


  • A U.S. citizen or receive TSA approval (birth certificate required)
  • Choose the Flight Training elective


Flight instruction is provided by Valley Wings Flight School.

  • Course Fees
  • $1,250 Coursework & Supplies
  • $ 150 FAA Medical Exam
  • $ 180 FAA Written Exam
  • $1,580

    Total Class Room Cost
  • Hourly Flight Rates
  • $ 205/hr* Airplane & Instruction
  • $ 55/hr Ground Instruction
  • $ 65/hr Simulator Training
  • $ 55 No Show Fee

    *Fuel surcharge at time of purchase

Watch the Video

MMA Flight Training - "Sneak Peek"


Aerospace I - Private Pilot

This is a two-semester high school science elective ground and flight training course that provides the foundation and prepares the student to pass the FAA check ride, oral exam and written for a Private Pilot certificate. This class requires the student to be at least 16 years of age to start while turning 17 by May of that year. This is a valid license for flying in good weather conditions.

Aerospace II – Instrument Rating

Aerospace I must be completed before taking Aerospace II. This is a two-semester high school science elective ground and flight training course that provides the foundation and prepares the student to pass the FAA check ride, oral and written exam for an Instrument Rating. This is a valid license for flying in inclement weather conditions.

What type of "aircraft" will my son be flying?

Your son will learn to fly in a Cessna 172, one of the best training aircrafts ever built. The Cessna 172 is completely refurbished with a modern avionics system.

Redbird glass cockpit

Does my son receive class credit for Flight Training?

Yes. Your son will receive a half credit (.5) for the first semester and a half credit (.5) for the second semester. Since Flight Training is STEM-based (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), this elective is weighted as an Honors course.

What if my son loses interest?

Instruction is paid as it is received. The course can be dropped.

How exactly will you teach my son to fly?

  • Explain: Learn in the classroom and discuss the task with your flight instructor
  • Simulation: Practice in the flight simulator until you meet the standard
  • Fly: Demonstrate the task in the airplane
Full-motion flight simulator

Does the flight simulator replace actual flight hours?

No. The flight simulator allows Flight Training cadets to learn maneuvers before they enter the plane. It also allows them to practice situations that would not be practical in flight. The flight simulator is a valuable tool that helps cadets gain more practice and confidence. MMA is one of just a few high schools in the country to have one.

Will my son earn his pilots license at the end of the year?

It is possible for your son to earn his pilot's license in one year, but there is no guarantee that he will. A student's progress toward a license depends on their individual learning abilities and effort.

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