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Supporting Student Success

Academic excellence is, and always will be, our first priority at Marine Military Academy. MMA provides a full range of resources and support services to ensure cadets are fully prepared to move on to the university or college of their choice.
Cadet in the college advising office

College Placement

Our College Placement Officer provides cadets individualized guidance on educational planning, scholarship and financial aid assistance, career counseling and the complete college application process. The College Placement Officer also works closely with the registrar and dean in developing graduation plans that will maximize the college-choice opportunities for the cadets.

In addition to having hundreds of catalogs, brochures books and various other resources in our designated college room, many college representatives visit the school each year to personally speak with our cadets.

We also provide class and group counseling during the eighth, ninth and 10th grades and individualized scheduled counseling for juniors and seniors, as well as require that all cadets complete our SAT preparatory class, which provides practice and instruction in testing techniques and career guidance.

With the Marine Military Academy being a member of the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC), Texas Association for College Admission Counseling (TACAC) and the College Board, we maintain and develop personal contact with admissions professionals at the college and university level.

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The tutorial program at MMA allows teachers to provide additional instruction to cadets after school. It is designed to help cadets succeed in subjects they find difficult.

If necessary, the tutorial program may be augmented with an intervention plan created by a team consisting of teachers, military personnel and the counselor.


The counseling program at MMA involves implementing strategies and techniques to assist cadets with their emotional needs, personal concerns, and educational development. Counseling competencies are used as part of the responsive services created to ensure social and academic growth for all cadets.

It is the counselor’s responsibility at MMA to apply professional expertise to aide teachers, staff, parents, and military personnel to understand the individual behaviors and social interactions of each cadet. The counselor also provides academic intervention strategies to teachers and parents for those cadets who are at risk for academic failure. This type of coordination strengthens the team concept that is vital in the overall success of our cadets.


The Harold James Memorial Library serves the cadets and staff during all academic hours, including evening study times. The library consists of the following: the main reading room complete with internet-enabled computers, study carousels, and a vast media collection; the Marion L. Gary Learning Center where our word processing computers are located; the Brooks Reading Room, an area designated for pleasure reading; and Padilla Reference Room, which houses our unique military collection.

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