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Frequently Asked Questions


Learn more about the college preparatory education cadets receive at Marine Military Academy and our commitment to academic excellence, as well as other answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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A: Cadets participate in six classes daily, four during the morning and two in the afternoon.

A: A credit of .50 is earned for every class taken during the semester. Along with the military science or JROTC grade, cadets have the potential to earn 3.50 credits in one semester. If a cadet takes aerospace II, however, he will earn an additional .50 credit for the semester.

A: Every cadet must take a class in each of the following core subject areas: English, math, science, social studies, foreign language as well as an elective. Each schedule is tailored to the individual needs of a cadet, based on previous coursework completed.

A: The academic counselor serves every student and is available during the school day. This counselor helps students stay on their scholastic course and reach their graduation goals. There is another counselor housed in the College Center. This counselor serves all students with their college needs and is also available during the school day.

A: Yes, we offer the following AP classes: English 4 AP, English 3 AP, Calculus AP, Chemistry AP, Physics AP and US History AP. In addition, we offer the following honors classes: English 1 H, English 2 H, Algebra 1 H, Algebra 2 H, Pre-Calculus H, Biology H, Chinese 3 H, Chinese 4 H, Spanish 2 H and Spanish 3 H.

A: Yes. Study time is referred to as CCQ (Closed Call to Quarters), and it is a mandatory Sunday through Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m

A: Yes, we offer tutorial classes each day from 2:55 pm to 3:25 pm, which cadets are encouraged to attend as often as needed. However, if a cadet is failing a particular class, the tutorial becomes mandatory for the class failed.

A: Yes, we assign an ID and Password to parents to log into our online grades system so they may view the progress of their son on a weekly basis beginning the third week of every quarter.

A: The following personnel will be able to assist you with any additional academic questions you may have:

  • Counselor/Asst. Dean
  • Registrar, Academics Dept.
  • Executive Asst., Academics Dept.

For contact information see: Academic Department Contacts

A: MMA currently offers a SAT preparation course for all juniors and seniors. This full semester course helps cadets identify individual skills in need of improvement and a differentiated computer based approach to enhancing those skills. Basic test familiarity and test taking strategies are presented as well.

A: One hundred percent of MMA graduates are accepted into college, with approximately 80 percent choosing four-year colleges or universities and approximately 20 percent choosing two-year colleges. The majority of graduates go to college even if they have plans to serve in one of the branches of the United States military. A very small percentage of graduates enlist in the military immediately after college.

A: Please email the Academic Department with your name and years of attendance.

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