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ESL and Flight Training

Every summer, Marine Military Academy hosts summer enrichment programs designed to help young men who are not part of the MMA Corps of Cadets succeed academically.

To participate in these programs, the student must attend MMA's month-long summer camp program.

Summer flight training cadet at MMA

ESL at MMA Summer Camp

English as a Second Language at MMA is a four-week language immersion program for boys who wish to learn English. The ESL camp is held at the same time as MMA Summer Camp.

In the ESL program , campers spend 30 hours a week in the classroom learning English. All ESL campers complete a minimum of three classroom projects that require them to follow English-only instructions. When they are not in a class, ESL campers practice their new English skills during their afternoon and weekend activities.

ESL campers not only learn English quickly, but they also they make friends from all over the world.

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Flight Training Elective at MMA Summer Camp

Introduction to Flight Training (IFT) elective gives summer campers the opportunity to experience the wonder of flight. Orientation flights are among the most exciting aspects of a young man’s life. The program is available for campers 11 years of age and above.

An experienced flight instructor will teach an introductory course in aviation. Campers will learn both in the classroom and at the controls of an aircraft. Campers will have five flights lasting between 45 and 60 minutes each.

The goal is to teach every camper how to taxi, take-off and land an aircraft as well as control the aircraft in flight. While campers progress at their own pace, they will be challenged to learn these basic flight maneuvers during the program.

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