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Facilitating Spiritual Development

The mission of Marine Military Academy's religious program is to encourage and facilitate every cadet’s spiritual development and involvement in the faith of his choice. Furthermore, the cadet will come to understand the necessity for moral and spiritual growth and maturity in his continuing development.
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We are committed to helping cadets become men of character — men who will positively impact their homes, communities, countries, and cultures.

Religious Opportunities

Our military staff includes a chaplain with whom rests the responsibility of conducting, facilitating and overseeing all religious programs both at the academy and in the local Harlingen area.

Services Offered

  • Transportation to Sabbath and Sunday services
  • Facilitation of Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) class for cadets of the Catholic faith
  • Relationships with local Jewish synagogues, Islamic centers, Catholic churches and all major Protestant denominations in order to further cadets’ educational and spiritual maturity
  • Observance and attendance of Holy Day activities within the religious calendar of the cadet’s faith, as requested by the parent or legal guardian


  • Vespers, a weekly non-sectarian ecumenical service
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), a weekly student-led group
  • Biblical leadership class for the leaders of FCA
  • Weekly small group Bible studies

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Provides

  • Periodic off-campus, area-wide youth functions
  • Occasional out-of-area, large, regional youth rallies
  • Summer camp opportunities in various locations throughout the country

Giving Back

Our religious program is involved in two projects annually. The Adopt-A-Highway Program allows cadets associated with FCA to participate in community service multiple times throughout the year as they pick up trash along the Academy’s posted two-mile stretch of highway.

Our second community project is the Children’s Christmas Party where deserving children in the Harlingen area, along with the children of the academy’s staff, attend a wholesome evening of food, gifts, and fun at MMA.

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