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Leadership is Learned

Leadership is not something you’re born with, but rather something every person can acquire over time through hard work, self-discipline, and selflessness.
Elite Military High School

Marine Military Academy has been commissioned to produce the leaders of tomorrow. We provide the structure, discipline, academics and physical training needed to mold all of our young cadets — no matter the personality type — into true leaders, ready to take on the challenges of a modern world.

Blazing A Path

The Military Program at MMA has forged many of the nation’s leaders, providing them with the opportunities, training, and experience needed to build themselves holistically — mind, body, and spirit.

Realizing Results

Since our inception, Marine Military Academy has promoted leadership in every aspect of a cadet’s life. We hold our young men to the highest standards and, as a result, 100% of our graduates are accepted into college.

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Creating A Strong Foundation With Marine Military Academy

What We Are:

  • A boarding school based on a military model
  • A college preparatory school
  • A FIRST resort — many students prefer our structured environment to traditional schools
  • A program that focuses on the complete individual — mind, body, and spirit

What We're Not:

  • A training facility for the United States Armed Forces
  • The last resort for young men with disciplinary problems
  • A party school — we have a zero-tolerance for drugs or alcohol
  • A 24-hour boot camp

Our Marine Corps Junior ROTC program supplies the groundwork needed for cadets to become leaders through discipline, initiative, and leadership.

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