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Frequently Asked Questions


The MMA military program provides the structured environment necessary for the development of all cadets. Below is a list of recurring questions from parents.

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A: The Right Guide (Cadet Regulations) is published annually by the Military and Academic Departments of the Marine Military Academy. It outlines the rules, regulations and guidelines that govern cadet behavior, rights and responsibilities.

A: Each weekday morning, the time period of 0730-0830 is designated as the Military Period. During this period, classroom sessions, parade practice and manual of arms practice takes place. Additional JROTC training is conducted on Saturday mornings.

A: All cadets at Marine Military Academy are automatically members of the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, regardless of grade level or country of citizenship. JROTC is a Department of Defense program intended to instill in high school students the following:

  • The value of citizenship
  • Service to the United States
  • Personal responsibility
  • A sense of accomplishment

A: The LEAD (Leadership Enhancement and Development) Complex is the main training area for the Marine Military Academy. In this area, sometimes referred to by cadets as the “Back 40”, our young men can experience the Obstacle Course, Confidence Course, Leadership Reaction Course, Circuit Course, Combat Fitness Test, High and Low COPE Courses, as well as rappelling and rock climbing.

A: All new members of Marine Military Academy are considered “plebes” and are required to go through an introductory period commonly called “Plebe Training,” however summer camp and ESL graduates are not required to participate. Plebe Training is a 28-day regimen that introduces young men entering MMA on basic knowledge needed to begin their first semester, focusing on the Right Guide and introductory classes in the MCJROTC program. Subjects presented include Close Order Drill, proper wear of the Marine Corps uniforms, customs and courtesies and Marine Corps History, to name a few. Additionally, on the weekends, plebes receive training in the LEAD Complex. Plebe training concludes with a graduation parade where they officially become members of the MMA Corps of Cadets.

A: It means that the MCJROTC program at the Marine Military Academy has been recognized by the Commandant of the Marine Corps as one of the best in the nation. As an Honor School, MMA has the ability each year to submit nominations of their very best cadets to the United States service academies.

A: MMA recognizes the achievements of our cadets by advancing them in rank and putting them in positions of added responsibility. The base for all advancements are good grades, good conduct, participation in extracurricular activities and a recommendation from the Drill Instructor.

A: Vespers is a non-sectarian, ecumenical religious service that is led by the Chaplain of Cadets on Wednesday evenings. During this service, cadets are challenged and encouraged in the area of personal integrity through the use of biblically and morally based teaching.

A: MMA works closely with all local churches to provide the opportunity for interested cadets to participate in their confirmation studies.

A: The Cadet Chaplain provides the following opportunities for cadets to be challenged spiritually throughout the week: Monday evenings, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) local “huddle” meets. FCA is an informal, cadet-led Bible study that uses the medium of athletics to challenge participants. Thursday evenings a non-denominational Bible study meets. This study is formal and is meant for those cadets that desire to dig deep into the Bible to glean applicable nuggets of truth. See also our Religious Information page.

A: Any time a change is anticipated in anyone's life, there is hesitancy and trepidation. Parents who have had children go off to college or military service can relate similar experiences. It is normal and natural for children to express concern. However, the vast majority of parents of present cadets and graduates attest to the fact that coming to MMA turned out to be the best decision they ever made.

A: Marine Military Academy is a challenging, traditional military school. Although the setting is structured and rules are enforced, the goal is to prepare young men for college. The environment is geared toward developing the whole person — academically, mentally, spiritually and physically. The goals are attainable and age-appropriate, but we expect the best from our cadets — and we usually get it!

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