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Leadership Foundation

Laying the appropriate foundation is important to every endeavor at Marine Military Academy. Our Marine Corps JROTC program supplies the groundwork needed for cadets to become leaders through discipline, initiative, and leadership.

The purpose of the Marine Corps Junior ROTC program is "to prepare high school students for leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities, and privileges as American citizens." The Marine Junior ROTC program produces successful students and productive adults while fostering a more constructive and disciplined learning environment.

  • Areas of study include:
  • Leadership
  • Citizenship
  • Personal Growth and Responsibility
  • Public Service
  • Career Development
  • General Military Subjects

The Marine Junior ROTC program has a standard curriculum that includes a variety of academic subjects in the following areas: Leadership, Citizenship, Personal Growth and Responsibility, Public Service, and Career Exploration. In addition to the standard Marine Corps Junior ROTC classes, the program includes distinguished guest speakers, significant outdoor training and physical fitness and lastly and most importantly, living the values of the Marine Corps daily. The program utilizes our proprietary Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Complex, which features:

  • Rappelling and Climbing Tower
  • High Challenge Course
  • Marine Corps Obstacle Course
  • Confidence Course
  • Leadership Reaction Course
  • Paintball Course
  • Mud Infiltration Course

After graduation, cadets may continue their ROTC affiliation at the college of their choice with a competitive advantage.

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