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Plebe Training

Marine Military Academy prepares your son to join the Corps of Cadets via a four-week training course that acclimates him to the expectations and proud traditions of the school.
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While the parameters of our boarding school are military based, this is not a military preparation school. Your son is not being groomed for military service, but he will be expected to adhere to our proven methods.

Our four-week Introductory Course outlines daily expectations, rules and regulations, and processes. Over the course of this program, your son will learn his schedule, how to organize his barracks area, how to dress and groom properly and how to act while on and off-campus. He will also be introduced to the numerous training facilities at MMA and be afforded an opportunity to try them all out!

At the end of the four-week program, your son will be properly prepared to join the rest of the MMA student body, the Corps of Cadets. He will participate in a ceremony recognizing him and his fellow newly minted cadets and begin to feel the true bonds of brotherhood.

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