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A Full Day

Our commitment to fueling the mind, body, and spirit permeates every minute of the cadet’s day. Filled with healthy competition in the classroom and self-affirming activities outside, each day brings the cadet closer to a greater sense of self-discipline and accomplishment.
Morning Physical Training at MMA

Physical Training (PT)

Each weekday begins promptly at 0600 with the sound of reveille, signaling cadets they have 10 minutes to get up, make their bed, get dressed and fall out for a morning physical training session, which consists of 30 minutes of calisthenics and a run with their company.

Military Period at MMA

Military Period

Following PT and breakfast, cadets have 45 minutes to shower, get dressed for school, clean their barracks or attend to other such duties.

Military Colors at Marine Military Academy

Morning Colors

Every morning, prior to their first class period, cadets fall out once again for a uniform inspection and colors formation, or ceremonial flag raising.

MMA Pass in Review

Pass in Review

After four 45-minute morning classes, cadets participate in a noontime military formation called pass in review, where they march to the tunes of the MMA band down Battalion Street and file into the Mess Hall one company at a time for lunch.

Lunch at the Mess Hall

Second Mess (Lunch)

After pass in review, cadets are seated with their companies for lunch.

After School Tutorials at MMA


Following lunch and two more afternoon classes, cadets who are having difficulty in specific subject areas have the option to attend a tutorial period for additional help. If a cadet is failing a course, however, then the tutorial period is mandatory.

After School Sports and Activities at MMA


At MMA, every cadet is required to participate in a sport during the afternoon activity period regardless of his skill level. The overall aim of our program is to foster teamwork, promote physical fitness, instill confidence and develop an appreciation of the outdoors.

Close Call to Quarters- Evening Study Period at MMA


Cadets report back to their barracks for a supervised evening study period called closed call to quarters. At 2115, after CCQ, cadets have time to relax, shine their shoes and prepare for the next day. At 2200, taps signals it’s light out.

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