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Teaching Achievement

Marine Military Academy is a private, college-preparatory boarding school for young men in grades 7-12 with an optional post-graduate year.
Elite Military High School

Our Mission

Marine Military Academy develops disciplined, morally strong, college-ready young men who are prepared for responsible leadership.

Our Vision

Marine Military Academy is globally recognized as a premier college-preparatory school for adolescent men on course to achieve their post-secondary education and career goals.

Our Values

Honor: Cadets are held to the highest ethical and moral standards. Respect for others is essential.

Courage: Cadets will face their fears and overcome them. They will do what is right no matter the consequences.

Commitment: Cadets strive for excellence and never give up. Duty to others is fundamental.

Cadet Profile

A Marine Military Academy cadet ...

  • does the right thing when no one is watching.
  • strives for excellence in everything he does.
  • keeps himself mentally and physically fit.
  • treats all individuals with courtesy and respect.
  • honors his country and those who served it.
  • helps all individuals and serves his community.
  • stands up for those who cannot defend themselves.
  • behaves responsibly and holds himself accountable.
  • makes decisions with the outcome in mind.
  • solves problems rather than create them.
  • sees the similarities in people and not the differences.
  • believes in himself and never stops trying.
  • knows how to lead and follow.
  • acts more than he speaks.

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