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Turing Potential into Success

Marine Military Academy has been helping young men realize their full potential since 1965. MMA offers both solutions and opportunities for all types of boys. MMA can tackle many issues and lead boys to success. Learn how MMA can serve your son!

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Not only can MMA prepare your son for the academic and military rigor of a service academy, MMA can nominate him. As a Naval Honor School, MMA can nominate its top cadets directly to U.S. service academies. Appointments are not guaranteed, but MMA nominees do have a strong chance at receiving appointments to these prestigious academies.

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MMA has helped thousands of boys raise their grades — even as their classes become more challenging — and gain acceptance into competitive colleges. The military program will actually help your son achieve academic success by teaching him fundamental "mind" skills, such as structure, discipline and focus.

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At MMA, your son will be given the opportunity to participate in the sport and/or activity of his choice. Sports and other physical activities promote fitness, teach teamwork and help keep the brain sharp. At MMA, it is important to give students the chance to play so they can become well-rounded and confident individuals.

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Students do not skip school at MMA because it is a boarding school. Furthermore, drill instructors and staff will make sure your son attends his classes, activities and any necessary tutoring. Boarding school can help end truancy, but only a military boarding school can also help change the mindset that causes it.

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At MMA, your son will receive leadership training in addition to his college-prep education. Leadership is a skill that must be developed, and each day MMA students are molded into responsible, selfless and honorable young men. MMA students are taught to be true leaders ... men of positive action.

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Boarding school allows you to remove your son from a toxic environment and place him into a healthy one. At MMA, your son will live with positive role models and confident young leaders. Positive peer pressure is the norm at MMA.

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MMA has been teaching boys how to focus and succeed in school for 50 years. MMA provides the structure, routine and discipline that boys with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder need. Most students with ADHD can attend MMA, and MMA has a full-time medical staff to dispense any required medication.

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At MMA, students learn to "unplug." Students only have mobile phone, television and video game privileges on the weekend. By limiting the distractions that keep your son from doing his homework and studying, he'll quickly start performing better in school — and he'll develop better social skills!

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