Military boarding school can help good boys with bad grades

Do you have a good boy with bad grades?
Military boarding school’s disciplined environment may help your son raise his grades

Without discipline, structure and goals, adolescents can get easily distracted and fail to make school and schoolwork their first priority. Bad grades are often the result. The regimen of military school, however, can help an unfocused or unmotivated young man develop the skills he needs to not only raise and maintain his grades, but to build his confidence, character and self-expectations.

How can a military boarding school help your son improve his poor grades?

gradesMilitary boarding schools provide students with a strong academic curriculum in distraction-free environment that fosters a culture of success and helps to raise grades. Most military schools also offer other benefits that help students improve their grades.

» Small Class Sizes

The average student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1 at most military boarding schools. Small class sizes allow the teacher to assist the students who need more explanation and instruction. Students are also more comfortable asking questions in smaller classes.

grades» Limited Distractions

Some military boarding schools, such as Marine Military Academy, are single-gender schools. Single-gender schools remove the distraction of the opposite sex. Also, many schools limit the use of mobile phones, television and other electronics during the week so students can concentrate on their schoolwork.

» Study Hours

Most military boarding schools have a mandatory study period or closed “call to quarters” (CCQ) where where students are given ample in the evening to study and complete their homework assignments for the next school day.

» Built-in Learning Community

Because students live together, they have a built-in learning community right in the barracks. Students can turn to each other for extra help or they can form study groups to study for a big test. Because they are all on the same journey, the peer support at military boarding schools is very strong.

» Tutoring

Nearly every military boarding school has a tutorial program to help students who are struggling with a subject. Many students need this one-on-one support to succeed academically. Additionally, many schools develop an individualized intervention plan that requires support form the teacher, counselor and drill instructor.

In addition to college readiness, military schools offer numerous other benefits. Read the “Why Choose a Military School?” article from the Association of Military College and Schools of the United States.

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