Boarding Schools in Texas: An Interactive Map

Texas Boarding Schools
Boarding Schools in Texas: An Interactive Map

Are you looking for a Texas boarding school? There are at least eight well-known, college-prep boarding schools in Texas for you to consider.

Each one offers a small learning community and teaches the core subjects students need to master for college. Each one, however, is unique in its offerings. Some of the boarding schools are founded on religious principles while some are rooted in military tradition. Most of the boarding schools are co-ed, but a few of them are single-gender and only accept boys or girls.

By deciding what is right for your child, you can easily whittle down your boarding school choices. With a little research, you can ultimately decide which one offers the best educational model for your son or daughter.

Below is an interactive map that shows the location of each Texas boarding school. If you click on the marker, you will find basic information about the school along with a hyperlink to its website.

Although Texas is a really big state, it has an amazing transportation system with both have excellent highways and plenty of airports in every region. No matter where the best boarding school for our son or daughter may be located, it is most likely just a short flight away from your home.

Enrolling your child in boarding school is an important decision, so read the following articles to learn more about the benefits of boarding schools and how to choose the best one for your child: Boarding Schools in Texas: Why Boarding School and Texas Boarding Schools: How to Choose the Right One.

Boarding School Interactive Map

Click on a marker to see details about the school:

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Marine Military Academy is an all boy military boarding school located in Harlingen, Texas.