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Advantages of Boarding School

Texas Boarding Schools

What is a Boarding School? Boarding schools are residential private schools, which means students live at school during the academic year. Their main mission is to provide a learning community where students can concentrate on their studies, mature and reach their full potential. There is not an archetypal student who attends boarding school. Students come from all walks of life, have varied academic abilities, and a range of interests. Read: Boarding School 101: What is a Boarding School? Boarding School Types There are different types of boarding schools and each caters to the needs of different groups of children. The basic categories include: College prep or Therapeutic Military, Religious or … Continue reading

Five Good Reasons to Choose a Texas Boarding School

Texas Boarding School

Five Good Reasons to Choose a Texas Boarding School If you only want to look at boarding schools in your home state, keep this mind: Boarding schools are not colleges; most of them do not offer in-state tuition. Unless you are saving a substantial amount of money keeping your high school student close by, you should seriously consider a Texas boarding school. It’s easy for students and parents to fall in love with Texas because this state is the “total package.” Weather!: Even if you lived in the northernmost part of the state, Texas’ weather is hard to beat. When most days of the years are sunny, warm and dry, … Continue reading

Boarding Schools in Texas: Their Missions

Texas Boarding School

Boarding Schools in Texas: Who Are They? Read Their Mission Statement. If you’re searching for boarding schools in Texas, it’s important to know which one offers the right educational program for your son or daughter. As you research the schools, your first step should be to read the school’s mission statement! A school’s mission statement is important because it: a) tells you the school’s purpose; and b) describes the school’s basic educational philosophy. Reading the mission statement will immediately tell you what the school is about and if the school is an option for your child. This simple step will save you time in your research. If the mission statement sounds like it … Continue reading

The Five Benefits of Boarding School

studying together at boarding school

 Some parents find that boarding school is necessary due to their jobs and/or living circumstances. For most parents, however, boarding school is a conscious choice and considered as an educational investment in their child’s future. Though there are prestigious public and private day schools close to home, many parents will choose a boarding school sometimes thousands of miles away for several good reasons. While it is not easy for parents to send their child far away from home, where they will not be able to see to him every day, parents who consider a boarding school are not only weighing the scholastic rewards but the lifetime rewards as well. The … Continue reading