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Describes the special training facilities at the Marine Military Academy used to build confidence and leadership.

CyberPatriot: Developing Computer Security Leaders for the Future

MMA Cadets competing in a computer security challenge at cyberPatriot national finals

  Cyber-crimes dominate the news on almost a daily basis and are perpetrated by  master computer criminals who are not only after your credit card numbers, but your personal data as well.  All of  what they steal can be sold on the dark web for a handsome profit.  These criminals are generally not your nerdy teen next door, but more often are members of sophisticated crime syndicates that patiently look for flaws in their target’s computer security system – and there are always flaws – and steal whatever is valuable. CyberPatriot: Developing Computer Security Leaders for the Future Computer Security mean National Security The security of our nation is dependent … Continue reading

5 Ways to Build Your Teen’s Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence

Self-confidence at MMA

5 Ways to Build Your Teen’s Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence All parents want their teenagers to grow into happy and successful adults. Many think it starts with a strong education, but it actually begins with something more basic. A good education certainly opens many doors, but it is your son or daughter’s level of self-esteem and self-confidence that will better determine how far he or she goes in life. To be clear, self-esteem is how you feel about yourself while self-confidence is your ability to believe in yourself and is related to your actions. Self-esteem affects self-confidence, and vice versa. Teens who possess these strengths are much less likely to make … Continue reading

Choose military camp, not fat camp!

climbing wall at summer camp

Would you like your teen to lose weight? Choose military camp, not fat camp! Today’s children are more likely to die at a younger age than their parents due to obesity and the health issues that tag along with it, such as diabetes and heart disease. Childhood obesity is a real problem, and it is still on the rise. Though the United States has a reputation for having too many overweight kids, the epidemic is now widespread in many other countries, such as Greece, Mexico and China. For good reason, more parents are sending their teens and pre-teens to summer weight-loss camps, or “fat camps.” If you are a parent … Continue reading

Is Your Teen a Leader?

picture of a cadet leader

Would you like your teen to be a leader? Before we continue, let us be clear that being a leader and being a “star” are not the same thing. While there is certainly nothing wrong with popularity or achievement, leaders stand out more for their character and actions rather than for their talents or bragging rights. True leaders, in fact, are not motivated by recognition as much as they are by purpose. Being a leader is about making a difference in the world … and paying the price. True leaders possess at least three very important traits: they are responsible, they care and they act. Leaders are responsible. Leaders can be … Continue reading