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Four $mart Ways to Reduce College Costs

Whether you have put away a little or a lot, Marine Military Academy is offering you four smart ways to reduce the cost of your son or daughter’s college education. After all, a bachelor’s degree from a state university now totals about $19,000 a year when you factor in tuition, fees, books and room and board — and costs usually inch up each year! Investing in your child’s future won’t be cheap, but below are four strategies to help you $ave on your child’s college education. Four $mart Ways to Reduce College Costs   1. College credit tests If your high school student has successfully completed an Advanced Placement course, … Continue reading

4 Reasons Why an SAT or ACT Prep Camp Makes $en$e

SAT Prep Camp

Some parents are skeptical about the value of SAT or ACT prep camp or course. Does my son or daughter really need it? Is it worth the price? These are legitimate questions, so perhaps the best way to answer these questions is to consider the facts. More students are attending college than ever before. While this is a positive trend, it has also created a lot of stiff competition. It is no longer good enough to be “smart.” With so many qualified applicants, high school students who wish to attend a highly competitive college need to do more than rank in the top 15 percent or maintain a 3.5 GPA to … Continue reading

Is Your Teen Ready for College?

Is Your Teen Ready for College? How to Prepare Your High School Student for College If it’s your goal for your teenager to attend a reputable college, then you’ll need to answer the following five questions to determine if he or she is truly college-ready and what you can do to increase the odds. 1. Is your teen taking a college-placement curriculum? Competitive colleges require high school students to complete four years of math, science and English as well as two years of the same foreign language. If your teen is on track, it is vital for your child to continue passing all of his or her core subjects to … Continue reading

How to Prepare for a Tier 1 College

Though there is no official definition, a Tier 1 college is basically one that is highly competitive or fairly difficult to gain acceptance. Because the coursework tends to be quite rigorous, these schools accept only the strongest students who typically graduate no less than in the top 20 percent of their class. Tier 1 colleges have a strong reputation and brand name. For instance, the University of Texas and Texas A&M University are two nationally known Tier 1 colleges in Texas. Service academies, such as the United States Military Academy at West Point and United States Naval Academy, also fall into the Tier 1 category. Prepare Your Teen For a … Continue reading