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CyberPatriot: Developing Computer Security Leaders for the Future

MMA Cadets competing in a computer security challenge at cyberPatriot national finals

  Cyber-crimes dominate the news on almost a daily basis and are perpetrated by  master computer criminals who are not only after your credit card numbers, but your personal data as well.  All of  what they steal can be sold on the dark web for a handsome profit.  These criminals are generally not your nerdy teen next door, but more often are members of sophisticated crime syndicates that patiently look for flaws in their target’s computer security system – and there are always flaws – and steal whatever is valuable. CyberPatriot: Developing Computer Security Leaders for the Future Computer Security mean National Security The security of our nation is dependent … Continue reading

How Military Boarding Schools Help Build Good Character

Military boarding schools are known to graduate young men and women with exceptional integrity and demeanor. To build quality character in your teenager son or daughter, take a few lessons from military boarding schools. How Military Boarding Schools Help Build Good Character  Being a team member, learning to execute orders and sacrificing one’s own needs for the good of the group, these are all character-building exercises that military boarding schools teach students. Service above self is an integral part of the philosophy. Integrity and honor are core values to which every military boarding school commits. These are five ways military boarding schools instill good character in teens: Setting the example: … Continue reading

Building Good Character in Teens, and Why It Matters

Building Good Character in Teens, and Why It Matters Teenagers have just a few short years before they leave for college and begin making a life for themselves. It is crucial for teens to develop good character so they can be mentally equipped to make wise, moral decisions and overcome any obstacles life throws their way.  Not only will they end up leading happier lives, they will end up leading more successful lives. Good character does not happen on its own, however. It is the result of years of learned behavior as well as strong mentoring. If you truly want your teen to become an upright individual, you need to … Continue reading

7 Good Reasons Teenagers Should Play Sports

mma cross country

Teenagers Should Play Sports! More and more teenagers are passing on the opportunity to play sports — and that’s not good! It’s a bit unsettling to know that while most teens ages 13-17 are physically able, only about 40 percent of them are active in any sports activity , competitive or recreational. Unfortunately, the downward trend may likely continue because today’s young people are being lured into “activities” that require only the movement of a hand, such as video games, social media or web surfing. If you’re a pre-teen or teen and you haven’t played a sport yet, now’s the perfect time to give it a try! Beyond the simple enjoyment … Continue reading