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Why Public High Schools Can’t Help Every Student

standardized testing at public schools

Public high school is intended for every student. Unfortunately, not every student is intended for high public school. Due to the massive numbers public schools must accommodate, not every student will get the help he or she needs to succeed academically. There are also a few other key reasons.  Four Reasons Why Public High Schools Can’t Help Every Student    1) Standardized Instruction & Testing Public high school education in the U.S. is mostly based on a system of standardized testing. For some students, this limited scope of source material does not assist in their learning. The very nature of standardized teaching and learning also does not lend itself well … Continue reading

Why 8th Grade Matters

An 8th grade student

Four Reasons Why the 8th Grade Matters As adolescents begin their transition into adulthood, their academic performance and attitudes can have a profound impact on their future.  The 8th grade, in fact, is a crucial year for most students. According to a research report by ACT, students who are not on track for college and career readiness by 8th grade are unlikely to attain that level of readiness by high school graduation.  1) Harder Coursework The coursework is getting harder, and students are often asked to apply multiple subjects into a single project. Schoolwork is now a more significant part of life, and 8th graders must start putting forth more … Continue reading

Military school may benefit teens with ADHD

Military school may benefit teens with ADHD Without structure, discipline and organization, teenagers who have learning differences, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), have a higher chance of failing in school. If your teenager has ADHD, and you’re looking for an alternative school, the learning environment of a military school may just what he or she needs to improve his or her mental focus. How can military school help teens with ADHD? Structure & Routine All teens need structure and routine to do well in school, particularly students with ADHD. In fact, most military schools maintain a 16-hour day that includes a balance of scholastic, athletic and military instruction. … Continue reading

Student Counseling

Student Counseling focus on achieving academic success

Student Counseling at Marine Military Academy Mr. Joseph Palamara The primary focus of the Marine Military Academy Counseling Department is to ensure academic success by removing impediments to cadet learning. There are three main components that center on student counseling; social interaction, behavior and academics.  Each of these areas is supported by the teachers, administration and parents. All of these components provide support to cadets during a time when they are adjusting to a new home, meeting new people, being away from family and friends, and dealing with the requirements of their academic workload. Student Counseling: Social Interaction The first component is in the area of social interaction. This area deals with a cadet’s … Continue reading