Military school may benefit teens with ADHD

cadetreadingbookMilitary school may benefit teens with ADHD

Without structure, discipline and organization, teenagers who have learning differences, such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), have a higher chance of failing in school.

If your teenager has ADHD, and you’re looking for an alternative school, the learning environment of a military school may just what he or she needs to improve his or her mental focus.

How can military school help teens with ADHD?

Structure & Routine

All teens need structure and routine to do well in school, particularly students with ADHD. In fact, most military schools maintain a 16-hour day that includes a balance of scholastic, athletic and military instruction. Though students are busier, they are actually more focused. The full schedule actually helps students develop discipline, time management and organizational skills.

Distraction-free Environment

Some military schools, such as Marine Military Academy, are only open to boys to remove the distraction of the opposite sex. Many military schools also limit the use of mobile phones, television and other electronics during the week so students can concentrate on their studies. Students with ADHD benefit the most from a distraction-free learning environment.


Exercise is a natural brain vitamin for all students, especially those with ADHD. Fortunately, military schools have a strong physical training (PT) program. The daily exercise at military schools helps students in three ways: 1) It releases pent-up energy; 2) It helps increase attention span; and 3) It improves mood.

Ask An Expert

Military school has helped all types of students achieve academic success. Sue Scheff, author of “Wit’s End!”, believes the military school model can also helps teenagers with ADHD.  Read “Myths of Military Schools” blog by Sue Scheff

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