Military Schools: MMA can make the difference.

Military Schools Can Make the Difference!

Military Schools can provide a level of structure and discipline that is often needed during a young man’s adolescent period. The Marine Military Academy (MMA) is one of the premier challenging, traditional military schools.  The setting is structured and rules are enforced; the goal is to prepare young men for college. military schools

MMA is unique among all military schools and secondary institutions. Its very foundation was framed from the desire to emulate those tried and true Marine traditions and values that have earned the respect and gratitude of our great nation. Efficiency experts, Business executives and even Inc. Magazine have touted the U.S. Marine Corps as one of the best examples of organizational leadership in the country. Known for their intense pride, loyalty, ethics, and motivation, Marines are called a “cut-above” other branches of the armed forces.

The Corps of Cadets at MMA is comprised of young men from different cultural, economic, social, and academic backgrounds as any other educational institution. Some young men come to MMA with aspirations to one day attend a prestigious university or service academy, others come because they especially enjoy a structured, military environment. Others attend MMA because of the parents’ determination to give their sons the best possible opportunities for a successful future.

The Academy emphasizes college preparation. Ninety-five percent of its graduates are accepted into post secondary education; 80% to four year colleges and universities with the remaining 20% going to community colleges. MMA graduates in recent years have attended Stanford, Brown, Colgate, UT, Texas A&M, the Service Academies, and others.

People do not know what they are capable of doing until they are stretched–mentally, physically and academically. At MMA we believe each young man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Just in all other areas of life, there are rules that must be enforced, there are people who deserve respect, there are responsibilities that must be met, and there are tests that must be taken. Each cadet is held responsible for his actions and choices.

This four-year school seeks to provide meaningful Cadet leadership and activities within the academy and its surrounding community that provide superb platforms for early leadership experiences. No matter what profession MMA cadets pursue, the principles of leadership will remain the same. The Marine Military Academy develops our nation’s brightest young leaders by providing them with a competitive leadership edge for future endeavors (military, government, business, education, athletic, community or social).

All military schools are not alike. MMA is committed to producing leaders who will want to make more of a difference, will foster change, build community, take action, communicate vision, understand responsibility, embrace sound ethical direction and decisions, and possess and engender Marine Military Academy Core Values — honor, courage, and commitment.

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Marine Military Academy is an all-boys military boarding school located in Harlingen, Texas. If you think military school might be a good choice for you please contact us and talk with one of our counselors – Ph. 956-423-6006.