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Marine Military Academy: A Newer, Better Military Academy

Maj Harold Compton

military academyParents of my generation have a vivid memory of what they thought of a military academy. Their ideas were formed based on their experiences as a teenager. These were the schools where all the problem students were sent. Our parents used to say, “If you don’t straighten up, I’m sending you to a military academy.” It was thought of almost in the same way as a reform school…and for good reason

For many years, a military academy was based on stern rules, harsh punishment and a “lockdown” of students. The military was seen as a strict regimen that forced young men to toe the line or pay the price and would eventually bring them around. During the early part of this century, military academies were found throughout the country and numbered in the hundreds. Many had distinguished lists of graduates that went on to distinguished careers in both the military and civilian sectors.

Military Academy Prestige Declines

military academyMilitary academies were extremely popular throughout the early 1900s and most flourished until the post-Vietnam era.  Around this time, public views toward the military declined and at the same time, military academies began experiencing a steady decline in enrollment. A military academy was viewed more like an entry to military service, and this was not considered as popular a career path as it once was.

Enrollment continued to decline after the 1960-1970s, and many military academies were forced to close their doors due to shrinking enrollment. Those that were able to change and become a college-preparatory school were able to continue operation. The Marine Military Academy is one of those schools that has weathered the storm of change and has become one of the premier college-preparatory military academies in the nation. Founded in the early 1960s, Marine Military Academy managed to show increasing enrollment during the period when many military academies were struggling. Even in our most recent economic hardship, MMA is recovering and showing an increase in enrollment.

Marine Military Academy: The Difference

Marine Military Academy established itself apart from most of the military schools in that it was based on the time-honored customs and traditions of the U.S. Marine Corps. Unlike many schools that have a Junior ROTC program, Marine Military Academy does not just have a one-hour class for military science and wear a uniform once military academya week. Our cadets are immersed in the JROTC program every day.

Leadership classes are taught to all cadets, and they are expected to exhibit the time-honored virtues of the U.S. Marine Corps every hour of every day. Those values of honor, courage, and commitment are instilled in all cadets, and parents have recognized the value of the leadership and sense of responsibility that was lacking in many public school systems.

Marine Military Academy is not and has never been a “lockdown” type of institution. Cadets are taught that they alone will make many of the decisions in their lives, and they are ultimately responsible for those decisions, whether good or bad. Their past habits of blaming everyone else for their failures is not accepted at Marine Military Academy. If they are failing classes, it is not the teacher’s fault when many of students are passing the same class. They must face the reason for their failure, accept responsibility for it and then take the necessary action to correct it.

Help is always available if they need it in the form of tutorials, peer assistance and teachers willing to stay after class hours to assist. Parents are kept informed by an online grade system of how their sons are doing in class, and the school counselor will help with establishing an intervention plan if necessary. All the available support is there for one reason: to ensure that all cadets are successful in their academic pursuits. Marine Military Academy’s record of GPA improvement, an average of 1.71 in the first year, and the record of graduate acceptance into colleges and universities of more than 97 percent are proof that the system works if the cadet i

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Marine Military Academy is an all-boys military boarding school located in Harlingen, Texas. If you think military school might be a good choice for you please contact us and talk with one of our counselors – Ph. 956-423-6006.

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If you or your father attended a military academy, you will find Marine Military Academy is not what you thought it was…it is better! Check us out!