Boy Scouts Troop 22 September Campout

MMA Boy Scouts Campout

SgtMaj Jim Poe

“A Scout is never taken by surprise; he knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens.”

Robert Baden Powel

Boy Scouts Head to Campout

boy scoutsNine motivated, sturdy members of Boy Scouts MMA Troop 22 conducted a weekend campout near Sebastian, Texas, on 14-16 September, at the Longoria Unit within the greater Los Palomas Wildlife Management Area, managed by Texas Parks and Wildlife. The Longoria unit comprises 373 acre mosaic of old woodlands, recent and mature habitat restoration sites, farm fields, and food plots (A food plot is a planted area set aside to act as a food source for wildlife). The property was originally purchased as a white-winged dove habitat, but represents a remnant of high quality woodlands and brush that provides a home for many animal and plant species unique to Texas. It also happens to be one of the few BEST areas in South Texas for a serious troop campout. It is a unique privilege for Boy Scouts Troop 22 to camp here.

Cadet-Scout David Rice, who arrived early and volunteered to assist with launch preparations. He watched personal gear while a few boys assisted with trailer loading. Thanks!! to generous parent donations, we purchased two new camp chairs and a replacement stove for one that recently “went south” on an April campout after 15 or so years of faithful cooking service. RIP….

boy scoutsArriving at the campsite with limited daylight, the Boy Scouts set-about selecting a suitable campsite and erecting tents, and then performed housekeeping chores while assembling the mess area and dish-wash station. Make-your-own-sandwiches comprised the Friday evening main menu item. Eagle Scout David Durden can be seen in the act of devouring an impressive MAN-wich.

Big appetites returned Saturday morning. Manly ham & cheese omelets made to order. These omelets were packed with chopped ham, cheese, and bell peppers. The Boy Scouts were delighted to wolf these down with a vengeance! Some boys had more than one. Breakfast was augmented with fresh fruit, orange juice, and fruit bars. And Tennessee Mud…..

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you mom. The boys heated-up soapy water and washed dishes.

Boy Scouts Take Big Hike

boy scoutsThe boys worked-off a significant number of requirements towards rank advancement. One involved an arduous 5 mile hike with map and compass which the boys tackled with high enthusiasm! Upon return to camp they watered-up, then explored the surrounding Longoria nature preserve where they identified evidence of numerous animals, reptiles, plants, etc.

With evening closing in, a hearty Boy Scouts Stew was prepared, augmented by potato salad and dinner rolls. Of course, a campout isn’t complete without a campfire. In conjunction, several boys earned Scouting’s Fire-em-chit certification under the superb instruction of Eagle Scout Zachary Garner and Star Scout Henry Frost. And of course, a Scout campfire isn’t complete without tasty Smores to cap-off a rewarding  day.

boy scoutsSunday morning involved camp breakdown and cleanup. Boy Scouts consumed a cereal breakfast, augmented with orange juice, pop-tarts, and peaches. David Rice happens to LOVE peaches and stood sentry duty over the peach bowl.  As a thank-you courtesy, the Scouts removed trash and refuse from in and around the wildlife preserve. This practice is in keeping with the “Leave No Trace” policy of Scouting’s outdoor code. Eagle Scout and new member David Durden was voted “Outstanding Camper” by the boys as a testament to his impressive leadership and willingness to set the example. WELL DONE David!!

Return to campus, clean & stow the gear, and the Scouts were treated with a deserved trip to the local McDonald’s for a cold ice cream treat. Does it get any better than this?

Boy Scouts Campout Photos

Check out all the photos of the Boy Scouts Campout on the MMA Facebook page.

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