Little Known Advantages of Military Schools

The Ultimate and Somewhat Unknown Advantages of Military Schools

Mr. John Ryker

military schoolsOften when people consider military schools as an option for their child, they focus on the traditionally known values such as character building and discipline development. There are however many little known advantages of a military type education that most of us are not aware of. Yes these institutions are known for their ability to foster a sense of community and teaching leadership skills, but did you know that some students are involved in international programs as exchange students or mentors to foreign students while enrolled? Some institutions offer fine arts and drama classes, almost all of them have an affiliated school of music. The advantages that a student will enjoy are dependent on the type of academy they attend; so let’s have a closer look at the different types of military schools.

 The Different Types of Military Schools

The first type of military school is an elementary level institution that accepts students between the ages of 6-12. Most are private boarding schools; some all-boys institutions, others co-ed. Children enrolled in these military schools learn the value of discipline at an early age, while embarking on a path of personal growth and development. There are also institutions that focus on preparing students for entry into college. Again most are boarding schools and many are co-ed. These institutions challenge students with a multitude of educational and extra-curricular activities. They focus on building character and the development of leadership and inter-personal skills.

There are actually two types of military academy: state or private-run and national or government-run. These are higher level institutions with highly structured environments. Students receive a four year college education while drawing a salary when attending a government run academy, though they are expected to serve for five years in the armed forces after graduation. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in these military schools, the focus however is on all things military. Students receive a university level education while learning advanced military tactics and undergoing intensive military training. Privately run institutions offer the same education and military training as government institutions, but there is no obligation to serve in the armed forces upon graduation.

The Social Advantages of Military Schools

Military schools create solid citizens and great leaders. These include; Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, CEO’s, Senators, Congressmen, and of course Presidents and leaders of other great countries. They have also produced famous actors, artists, authors, and athletes, as well as scientists, inventors and physicians. The focus on the values associated with great leadership such as; intellectualism, independence, patriotism, and compassion are obviously effective.

military schools Of course not all graduates from military schools rise to such socially prominent positions, but most become solid citizens. There is overwhelming evidence that the superior quality educational and physical curriculum are responsible for alleviating many social ills. This view was recently supported by British Shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg who said in an interview with BBC News that: “The armed forces can make important contributions to the nation not just on the battlefield but by embedding standards and values they embody within our social fabric.”

Military schools also offer opportunities to those who may otherwise lack hope or ambition. Many young people who would normally be deprived of a first rate education because of economic factors or behavioral problems have benefited from a military type education. But the historical view that military schools are for underprivileged or troubled children is no longer a valid one. Many parents select a military education for their child as theses institutions offer a more traditional curriculum.

The Academic Advantages of Military Schools

According to an article printed in the New York Times in December of 2011,” the achievement gap separating black students from white students is much smaller at military schools.” In general, military schools students score higher on achievement tests.

This disparity in academic achievement between traditional and military schools can be explained by several factors. Military institutions constantly review their curriculum for effectiveness. They incorporate placement tests that identify weaknesses in individuals which exceptionally well qualified teachers then address in the classroom.

advantages of military school - eliminate distractionsMilitary schools offer a strong curriculum in the core subjects of Mathematics, History, English and other languages, and Social and Physical Sciences. They also offer advanced placement and honor classes and provide research opportunities. The physical curriculum includes basic fitness training, a wide variety of team and individual sports, and weight training. Extra curricular activities include much of that found in traditional institutions such as drama club, debate club, marching band and drill team.

In the process of receiving a good education, students at military schools receive peer leadership training and learn life skills. They are taught to cultivate good citizenship by becoming self-reliant, patriotic, and good communicators. In the United Kingdom, politicians like Stephen Twigg are pushing for the implementation of more military schools. The belief of Mr. Twigg and other British politicians who support his views that; more military schools will be of great benefit to any society is supported by research performed at the University of Southampton in Southampton, England. Their report stated: “military cadets tend to have high levels of respect for authority and others, and high levels of self-esteem. They are likely to be committed citizens and have heightened aspirations.”

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