5 Common Myths About Military Schools

Myths about Military Schools

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Throughout the years the popularity of military schools has fluctuated up and down almost as much as the economy.  Today they do not have the numbers and enrollment they enjoyed in past years and part of the cause is some misconceptions concerning military schools

There are five persistent myths about military schools which are detailed in the Boarding Schools Review article titled 5 Common Myths About Military Schools. These myths include:

1. The staff are retired military egotist

The staff at most military schools are a mix of retired military and non-military professionals all of who have an interest in educating teens. The administrative leaders of the schools tend to be retired military officers who were successful in their career fields. They bring to a school proven talent in motivating, leading and training young men and women.

2. Students learn only military stuff

Military school is more about school work then it is about the military. The military aspect functions as a framework which governs student conduct and organize their daily lives. It is a tool used to promote a structured environment, self-discipline, respectful interaction, leadership, care for others, positive peer pressure and most importantly an atmosphere focused toward academic achievement.

3. Graduates all enlist in the military

It is unusual for military high school graduates to enter the military. There are always a few from every class who wish to enlist straight away and others who graduate from college and become commissioned but a vast majority continue on to college and then on to regular civilian career.

4. Only troubled youth attend military school

Many people believe that military schools are for troublemakers. This might have been true years ago but today’s military schools cater to students of all types. As a general rule, they avoid individuals who have been in trouble with the law or have chronic behavioral issues that would be better handled in a therapeutic setting. Students who excel at military school are those who have the ability but lack the intrinsic motivation to harness that ability (under achievers). Military schools provide these students structure, self-discipline, goals and positive reinforcement for improvements.

5. Military school means a service academy acceptance

Attending military school can’t hurt your chances of acceptance to a military academy like Annapolis but no one can guarantee you an acceptance. The US military academies are among the most competitive institutions of higher education in the country and they are very choosy. You have to stand out – academically and extracurricular. And, there is a complicated nomination process that involves your local congressman. Some military schools are designated an “honor” school for a service academy which allows them to nominate a student but that still does not guarantee admissions.

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