Computer Science Courses

Computer Science Classes at Marine Military Academy

Jodie Styker and Edgar Martinez

Marine Military Academy continues to provide cadets with a challenging, engaging and integrated curriculum with a special focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our Computer Science courses provide instruction which inspires critical thinking and problem solving skills.  The following courses are currently being offered to cadets and are conducted in computer labratories featuring state of the art equipment and software

Business Computer Application Systems (BCAS)

computerBusiness Computer Applications Systems (BCAS) is the entry-level computer/technology class offered at MMA. The course equips learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to operative computers effectively. Students learn to format and edit various documents including business letters, memorandums and MLA (Modern Language Association) Reports. This is a one-semester course and upon successful completion of the course, students receive .5 credits.


Desktop Publishing aka Yearbook

computerYearbook is a production class in which students have the unique opportunity to run, design and publish the yearbook for MMA. The work in yearbook class will probably be the only work that students will keep after they leave high school.  Yearbook staff members are part of that tradition and have joined in the responsibility of producing the best MMA yearbook ever!

Students will use computer technology, digital camera equipment and real business techniques to create a book that will serve as a time capsule for the school year. With an editor in chief, section editors and staffers, everyone will experience a real-life business structure with leaders responsible for leading, delegating and editing as well as being responsible for meeting deadlines. Since the yearbook is run with the professional mindset of a real business, students are expected to meet their job requirements. It is an important responsibility to be able to contribute to a yearbook that people will look back on in 50 years.

Both classes are taught by Mrs. Jodie Stryker.  Mrs. Stryker has taught for 23 years and has been at MMA for over 10 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree in educational technology and also serves as department chair.


computerComputer Science is a one-year course where cadets learn Object Oriented Programming. The emphasis in this class is on learning how to design, implement, and debug programs written in the Java programming language. The cadets in Computer Science will learn programming styles and problem solving techniques using the JCreator programming environment. They will design and implement programs that solve problems involving skills that are fundamental in computer science. A large part of the course is built around the development of computer programs that correctly solve given problems. The programs they create should be understandable, adaptable, and when appropriate, reusable. All programming will be done in class with few exceptions.

Visual Basic

Business Computer Programming II is one-semester course in which the cadets will be introduced to the computer language known as Visual Basic, which will be used to graphically design computer programs. Through skill building and problem solving, the cadet will acquire a good working knowledge of the Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 suite that will be used to enter, record, edit, code and design data. They will learn how to create, maintain, and manipulate programs in Visual Basic. All computer work will be completed in class.

Access 2010

computerBusiness Computer Programming I (BCP1) is a one-semester course in which the cadets will be introduced to database managements systems. Through data managing and allocation, they will acquire a good working knowledge of computerized databases which are used to record, store, retrieve and change information. Over the semester, they will create, input, delete and manipulate data and will understand proper terminology. Microsoft Access 2010 be used to instruct the class and all computer work will be completed in class.

Office 2010

Business Computer Information Systems (BCIS) is a one-semester course in which the cadet will be introduced to the use of computer applications for college and business. Through skill building and problem solving, they will acquire a good working knowledge of a suite of business programs used to record, store, retrieve and present information. The cadets will learn how to create professional documents, spreadsheets, publications and computer presentations. They will use Microsoft Office 2010 and will work in Word, Excel, Publisher and Power Point.  All work will be completed in class!

Coach Edgar Martinez has been teaching computer science and coaching track and field at MMA since 2006. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a strong emphasis in networking and a minor in mathematics. Coach Martinez is also MMA’s Chess Coach and is proud to be part of the MMA faculty. 

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