Cyber Patriot News: September 2012

Marine Military Academy: Cyber Patriot Sneak Peak Round

Mr. Bill Beckman

cyber patriotMMA Cyber Patriot Team met on the field of battle on September 8, 2012 to defend against vulnerabilities to their systems.  This was a test round for the scoring system (Cyber Patriot Competition System (CCS)) which was just put online this school year.  The Cyber Patriot Competition System is a lot better system for the upcoming competitions.

Cyber Patriot Competition System

This new Cyber Patriot system has more information for the cadets and has a faster response time.  It will list all the vulnerabilities that the Cyber Cadets must find and fix on the Virtual Image.  The new CSS will be used throughout this year’s competition.  I know we will have a great team this year since we have three returners and seven new cadets out for the competitions.

 Cyber Patriot Sneak Peak Results

cyber patriotFollowing plebe graduation parade on 8 September, the Cyber Patriot team members made their way to the Cyber Patriot Class room for the Sneak Preview round.  The test round (Sneak Peek Round) did not start out the way we had hoped when we ran into a conflict with the Virtual Images and our last year’s VMPlayers.  After  an hour and 15 minutes of trouble shooting they began working on their images and had found most of the vulnerabilities when time ran out.  The following cadets participated in this round:    Jose Rodriguez, Daniil Murashov, Dylan Che,  Drew Hopkins, Kyle Rogers, and Obiajulu Ezenwabachili  As for the new Cyber Patriot Cadets it was a fun learning experience and they cannot wait to start the first round.  During the Sneak Peek Round they all did an outstanding job in getting most of the vulnerabilities I believe  if they had the extra hour that we lost for troubleshooting they all would have gotten them all.  Way to Go Cyber Cadets!!

I would have used their team name but they have not come up with one yet.  We will be having two practice rounds in October 1-12 when they will be working on either Servers or workstations.  I will try to keep you all informed of everything they will be doing through the MMA News and Views so check back often.  If you need to contact me please do so at

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