Why International Students Should Attend an American Boarding School

Attend an American Boarding School in the United States
If you live outside the United States, sending your teenager to an American boarding school is perhaps the greatest gift you could ever give to them. The education and experience your teenager receives can have significant career and lifetime advantages.

International students studying in the United States enhance their English skills, find it easier to enter U.S. universities and have improved career prospects.  These are excellent reasons why you should seriously consider an American boarding school for your teenager.

Read on to learn more about what an international student gains when they study at an American boarding school.

 Three Reasons to Select an American Boarding School

1. Mastery of English Language

Students become fluent in English through natural English immersion, often within two semesters. The English-only coursework the students take, however, makes them truly bilingual.

Nearly all international students learn to speak, read and write English at a high or native level often within three years. International students who graduate from an American school typically perform exceptionally well in college because they have already conquered the language barrier and mastered the writing.

Mastering at least two languages gives any student an incredible edge in all types of career fields, including marketing, government and information technology.

2. Easier Acceptance into U.S. Universities

Students who attend an American boarding school will obtain their F-1 student visa for school. When they graduate, the school will prepare the Form I-20 transfer documentation so there is little or no delay for them to start their college education in the United States if they so desire.

Plus, international students who graduate from an American school have a much easier time making friends and adjusting to college life in the United States.

Why do students want to study attend an American university? According to U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Global Universities” ranking, 15 of the top 25 colleges are located in the United States. Out of the top 100, 51 of them are American colleges.

3. More Career Prospects

When an international student graduates from an American college, he or she has significantly more career prospects. Whether the college graduate returns to his or her native country or remains in the United States, human resource executives will consider the international graduate more valuable because he or she knows at least two languages and cultures. This also means that the international student will also be in a better position to earn more money.

Which American Boarding School to Choose?

Nearly all boarding schools in the United States are college-preparatory, but there are many to choose from and nearly all offer a specialized education. Marine Military Academy, for example, specializes in educating young men in a distraction-free environment. The school not only provides the rigorous curriculum teenage boys need to succeed in college but the structure, discipline and leadership training they need to succeed in their careers.

Whichever American boarding school you choose for your teenager, consider if it will teach him or her the education and life skills he or she needs to succeed anywhere in the world. After you research the best boarding schools for your teenager, be sure to speak with an admissions counselor to answer all your questions and, if possible, visit the campus at least once.

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Marine Military Academy is an all boy military boarding school located in Harlingen, Texas.