Five Good Reasons to Choose a Texas Boarding School

Texas Boarding School
Five Good Reasons to Choose a Texas Boarding School

If you only want to look at boarding schools in your home state, keep this mind: Boarding schools are not colleges; most of them do not offer in-state tuition. Unless you are saving a substantial amount of money keeping your high school student close by, you should seriously consider a Texas boarding school. It’s easy for students and parents to fall in love with Texas because this state is the “total package.”

Weather!: Even if you lived in the northernmost part of the state, Texas’ weather is hard to beat. When most days of the years are sunny, warm and dry, students can spend their weekends playing outdoor sports or going on outings.

Location!: There is plenty to see and do in every region of Texas. South Texas is known for its palm trees and beaches while Central Texas has plenty of lakes, rivers and caverns. Every part of Texas has natural attractions, theme parks and historic landmarks for students and parents to visit.

Food!: Texas is famous for its delicioso Tex-Mex, finger-lickin’ barbecue and fresh seafood. Because Texas is so ethnically diverse, students and parents can eat just about anything in nearly corner of the state, from gyros to sushi.

People!: People of every race, religion, lifestyle and political ideology live in Texas — and they live respectfully and peacefully for the most part. Students and parents will appreciate the diversity in Texas and the general “live and let live” mentality.

College & Job Market!: If a student graduates from a Texas boarding school, they can attend a state college and receive the in-state tuition. Texas has many Tier 1 colleges, such as The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University; and the tuition is still lower compared to that of most states. Best of all, the Texas economy and job market are strong so a student can choose stay in Texas after graduating college.

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