The Five Benefits of Boarding School


 Some parents find that boarding school is necessary due to their jobs and/or living circumstances. For most parents, however, boarding school is a conscious choice and considered as an educational investment in their child’s future. Though there are prestigious public and private day schools close to home, many parents will choose a boarding school sometimes thousands of miles away for several good reasons. While it is not easy for parents to send their child far away from home, where they will not be able to see to him every day, parents who consider a boarding school are not only weighing the scholastic rewards but the lifetime rewards as well.

The Rewards of Boarding School are Beyond Scholastic

1. Opportunity for Expanded Activities

Most boarding schools offer a greater range of activities for their students. While it is common for public and private day schools to offer the staples, such as football, basketball, and baseball, it is not always common to offer alternatives, such as jiu-jitsu, boxing, rock climbing, scuba diving or flight training. Boarding school students typically enjoy more varied activities because the mission of most boarding schools is not just to provide a stronger education, but a broader education. Read what other parents say about a boarding school experience.

2. Development of Self-Reliance

Self-reliance is perhaps the biggest skill that any boarding school student develops. Boarding school students quickly learn how to complete homework assignments and perform many domestic chores without the help of their parents. They must also learn how to manage their time, money and resources. Overall, boarding school students mature early on and tend to be more “real world” savvy than their peers. For most secondary students, learning to live independently is something they do not experience until they attend college — and the learning curve in that environment is much greater!

3. Development of High Moral Character


Most boarding schools adhere to higher moral codes, such as ethics, honesty, respect, and teamwork. All schools try to impress these principles upon their students, but boarding school students live at their school; so they continually practice their values and manners until they become second nature. Boarding schools also provide students with 24-hour-a-day structure, which public or private day schools simply cannot offer. Students who follow a busy, daily regimen are more organized and disciplined and have a stronger work ethic. Students from boarding schools normally graduate with exceptional character– a character that distinguishes them both in the workforce and community.

4. Introduction to Greater Cultural Diversity

Boarding school students come from across the country and around the world. Students not only attend classes with people from very different cultures, but they also room with them. Boarding school students learn from their friends and roommates how to appreciate the differences in people and live pleasantly. They often have the opportunity to learn the basics of another culture and language. Students at boarding schools commonly form lifetime bonds with people they may never have met attending a nearby school.

5. Distractions are Reduced

Because boarding school students do not switch back of forth between home and school, they can better focus on their coursework. Whereas most teens come home to television, video games and anything else that can pull them away from their studies, boarding school students live in a distraction-free setting that is better suited for learning. This does not mean that they must spend all of their time studying. They, too, need time to unwind from the burden of academia and visit with friends, surf the Internet or watch movies. The big difference is that boarding schools students live in a place where college readiness and good grades are always the top priority.

All of the above benefits help to develop a student that is more confident, well rounded and able to tackle the challenges not only of college but life!

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