Boarding Schools: Not Just for Troubled Teens

boarding schoolsBoarding Schools: Not Just for Troubled Teens

There is a misconception by some that boarding schools are the last resort for troubled teens.  Certainly there are a number of therapeutic boarding schools that are aimed at teenagers with behavioral and/or substance abuse problems, but by and large, the mission of most boarding schools is to prepare boy and girls for the rigorous coursework of selective colleges and shape them into independent, responsible and moral adults.

Boarding schools offer the ideal learning environment for college-bound students by providing a focused, educational setting that allows them to concentrate on their studies. While some boarding schools, particularly military boarding schools, can help teenagers with rebellious tendencies, let it be clear that college-prep boarding schools are a privilege to attend, not a punishment.

Boarding school is an excellent investment in your child’s education and future. In fact, boarding schools have at least 8 advantages over public and private day schools.

Eight Advantages of Boarding School

1. Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Most boarding schools have an excellent student-to-teacher ratio. The ratio at Marine Military Academy, for instance, is 12:1. With fewer students, teachers can devote more time to helping the specific needs of each student. With more personal instruction, students can better grasp the subject matter and earn a higher GPA.

2. Fewer Distractions

Boarding school students can better dive into their studies because television, video games, cell phones, and other devices are often limited during the week. While the rules vary, many boarding schools try to maintain a distraction-free environment.

A number of boarding schools are also only open to either boys or girls, but not both. Marine Military Academy, for example, only accepts male students. This policy is intended to remove the distraction of the opposite sex.

3. Built-in Learning Community

Unlike those who attend public or private day school, boarding school students do not have to make special arrangements to study with their classmates. These students have a built-in learning community in their dorm or residence hall and can easily gather for study groups. Help is always nearby because they can easily find tutors or study pals in their own “home.”

4. Self-reliance

Students who attend boarding schools quickly learn how to rely on themselves. Because they do not have parents to clean their rooms or remind them to study for a test, they learn to be organized and prepared. They also become very good at managing their time, money and resources. These teens are more mature when they graduate from high school and transition to college life easier.

5. Character Development

Boarding school students are known to graduate with exceptional character and demeanor. They reside in an educational community where values and ethics are taught in addition to the academics. At nearly all boarding schools, traits such as honesty, respect, and hard work are taught and upheld. These students will have a moral advantage that will place them above their peers in the workforce and community.

6. Lifelong Friends

Most people make lifelong friends at boarding school. No matter where they originate, these students form strong bonds with their classmates as they go through the same educational journey.

7. Cultural Diversity

Boys and girls of all nationalities and cultures attend boarding school. Students must live and attend classes with people who are different, so they learn to break down language or other social barriers and respect each other. Because they have been exposed to diversity, boarding school graduates are comfortable working with people of all origins and backgrounds when they enter the workforce.

8. Alternative Activities & Leadership Opportunities

Boarding school students are normally exposed to a wider range of activities to broaden their learning. They can participate in common sports and activities, such as football and band, or less conventional ones, such as flight training, sailing or horseback riding. Because of the smaller student body, there is more opportunity for teens to be involved in after-school activities and leadership roles in those activities.

Whether your teen is a high academic achiever or a potential high flyer who needs a more structured learning environment, one thing you can count on is that your son or daughter will have a tremendous lifetime advantage by attending boarding school.

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Marine Military Academy is an all boy military boarding school located in Harlingen, Texas.