Iwo Jima Gift Shop

Iwo Jima Gift Shop Undergoes Remodeling

iwo jima gift shopThe Iwo Jima Gift Shop has just undergone a face lifting that has opened up the entire shop and provided an increase in space.  Seal Construction Company began work on the Gift Shop shortly after the end of the school year and work was completed last week.  During the last few days there has been a flurry of activity getting all the displays set back up and the merchandise brought back from storage.  Gloria Bollling has been very busy with help from several volunteers and the Gift Shop is now ready for business. 


Iwo Jima Gift Shop Space Opens Up

iwo jima gift shopThe most evident change was the removal of a large closet located between the two rooms of the Gift Shop.  This closet area increased the overall look, feel and available space to the shop and now gives a much more open feeling to the shop.  This also allowed for better display of merchandise so that customers can more easily shop.  A new drop ceiling with recessed lighting brightens the entire area and is not only much more inviting helps to better display the merchandise.  Anyone that has been to the Iwo Jima Gift Shop in the past will be amazed by the difference inhow much larger the Gift Shop looks and feels. 

Iwo Jima Gift Shop Invites Visitiors

iwo jima gift shopThe Iwo Jima Gift Shop and Museum invite visitors year round to view the Iwo Jima Monument located adjacent to the Gift Shop and tour the Iwo Jima Museum.  Be sure to take the time to watch the movie in the Gift Shop Theater about the Battle of Iwo Jima.  If you wish to order from our online catalog you can reach it by clicking Shop MMA Online.