US Army JROTC Leadership Camp

Army JROTC Leadership Camp 2012

Maj Harold Compton

army jrotc leadership campArmy JROTC Leadership Camp 2012 began early Sunday, 10 June when over 250 Junior ROTC Cadets and their US Army Cadre arrived at the Marine Military Academy.  With no time to waste the cadets quickly got settled into their barracks and following lunch began their first day with swim classes and preparation for their land navigation courses by having compass review classes and determining pace count which would be vital when they began the course the following day.  The classes and preparation continued until late in the evening before the cadets settled in for a welcome night’s sleep.  Beginning on Monday the cadets would have full days of adventure over the next days!

Army JROTC Leadership Camp High Events

army jrotc leadership campEach of the first four days of camp saw one company tackle the high events on their schedule which included rapelling, zipline and high ropes.    For many of the cadets this would be their first time to attempt these events so their initial fears were evident however, all cadets successfully completed the training and found that it was not as difficult as they thought and a lot more fun than they ever imagined.   As with most groups, the US Army JROTC Leadership Camp cadets found that the zipline was one of the most fun events.  Cadets never seemed to tire of climbing the stairs and riding the cable 350 feet.   Even the most timid cadets were anxious to give it a try and after their first ride were ready to line up for another!

Army JROTC Leadership Camp Other Events

Once the cadets finished their high events they were ready to take on a multitude of low events which included a large land navigation course, outdoor survival course, rope bridging, leadership reaction course, confidence course, obstacle course and mud course.  The final day of the camp was a trip to South Padre Island where they had a full day of kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and of course eating!  This year’s US Army JROTC Leadership Camp was one of the most successful in many years and many of the lesson learned will be applied during next year’s camp.

Army JROTC Leadership Camp Photos

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