LEAD Complex Visitors

Valley View High School JROTC Unit Visits LEAD Complex

Maj. Harold Compton

lead complexThe Marine Military Academy LEAD Complex got its first full use of some of the new events on Friday, 1 June when the Army JROTC Unit from Valley View High School visited the LEAD Complex for a full day of fun and challenges.  Forty cadets took on a number of the courses which included the newest events that were added to the LEAD Complex in preparation for the Academy’s upcoming summer camp.

Valley View takes on LEAD Complex Courses

lead complexThe cadets first took on the LEAD Complex Obstacle Course as a warm up for the day’s events.  Following a demonstration and walk through the cadets gave the course their all as they tackled the obstacles.  Several cadets showed that they had what it takes to fly through the course but all gave it their best.  Several cadets were so pumped up that they were willing to take it on a second time and several challenges were issued.  The runs were fast and furious and all came away a bit tired but ready for the next event.

The Confidence Course was the next event on their schedule and it proved to be most challenging.  A real test of upper body strength, endurance and technique it pushed the cadets to the lead complexlimit.  Worn out and exhausted by the course the cadets next tried out some of the low events on the LEAD  Complex.

LEAD Complex Low Events.

The cadets next took on a few of the LEAD Complex low events with the first being the Twelve Foot Wall.  Cadets were broken down into four teams which competed to see which team could negotiate the obstacle fastest.   All team successfully completed the event and demonstrated excellent teamwork in their efforts.  Cadets next moved to the newest event on the LEAD Complex, the Cable Traverse.  This event is a 3/8″ cable suspended 18 inches off the ground, between two telephone poles.  Each pole has a rope attached to the top of it for the participant to use for balance; however the ropes only lead complexreach halfway across the cable.  Two cadets begin with one at each end of the cable and move toward the center where they must exchange balance ropes and pass each other, ending at the opposite end they started from.  This event proved a real challenge and required outstanding balance.  Two teams showed that they had what it takes and completed the event without falling.  The last low event the cadets attempted was the brand new Tire Swing.  In this event cadets must cross a series of tires suspended from a cable about 1 1/2 feet above the ground.  Cadets start from both ends of the course and must pass each other in the middle.  The swinging of the tires made this event much harder than it initially appeared but the cadets figured it out quickly and were able to complete the event without too much difficulty.  This was the first full test of the lead complexLEAD Complex new events and they proved to be a valuable addition to the complex.  Following their work on the Tire Swing the cadets took a much needed break for lunch and some much needed rest.

LEAD Complex Leadership Reaction Course

Following their meal and rest the Valley View Cadets took on the last LEAD Complex course they would tackle by taking on four of the problems on the Leadership Reaction Course.  These problems test not only their physical abilities but their problem solving and teamwork abilities.  Each problem required the cadets to work together as a team while lead complexcompleting a team event.  The cadets again showed they had what it takes and solved each problem.  This completed the cadets on the LEAD Complex and they then moved to their final event of the day which was a welcome break from the heat; the Mud Course.

Mud Course Fun!

The cool water and mud of the course was a welcome break from the 90 degree plus temperatures of the day and the cadets showed no hesitation in jumping in a tackling the course.  With permission to get a dirty as possible the cadets did not disappoint anyone by diving in and having fun.  A cool shower lead complexto end the day and the cadets packed up for the trip home.  All in all it was a full day of challenges and fun and we look forward to their return next year!

Check out all the photos of Valley View’s visit!

Be sure to check back next week.  The LEAD Complex will have additional visits by Donna High School JROTC Unit next weekend and the US Army Leadership Camp begins on 11 June for five days.

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