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A Learning Community

Marine Military Academy’s 142-acre campus is a self-contained community with academic facilities, housing, dining, medical support, recreational and athletic facilities and its own maintenance section.

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The academy operates an eight-bed infirmary that is staffed by a full-time medical team who is available 24-hours a day for emergency situations. Our medical team is available to arrange transportation for doctor’s appointments, dispense authorized prescription medications at the parent and/or guardians request, and provide necessary immunizations.

The safety and security of your son is of paramount importance. MMA's proximity to Valley International Airport ensures a quick trip to campus. While on campus, your son's whereabouts are continuously monitored by staff and Drill Instructors. Both campus and barracks are secured at night and monitored via closed-circuit video, as well as the inherent constant vigilance of our staff.

Furthermore, throughout the academic year, the Cadet Guard ensures the good order and discipline of the Academy and the Corps of Cadets. The Cadet Guard ensures that the daily schedule is adhered to and all cadet regulations are enforced, as well as carry out any special duties and instructions.

MMA dining facility

Properly fueling the body is one of MMA's main responsibilities. With constant activities on their schedule from sunup to after sundown, cadets may burn up to 4,000 calories per day. With this in mind, all cadets are provided with plenty of hot, nutritious food at all mealtimes.

The aim of the Neuhaus Dining Facility is to keep the cadets properly fueled and hydrated in order to help them face their daily challenges. Food is served cafeteria-style and all cadets are encouraged to choose responsibly. The dining highlights include a grand salad bar, sandwich station, juice and milk station, and fresh, local fruit at all meals.

Whether a cadet is vegan or kosher, cadets with dietary restrictions will still be properly fed. Cadets simply need to speak with the dining facility manager so the staff can make any necessary accommodations. Since MMA cadets originate from across the country and around the world, they may also make menu suggestions.

The Mess Hall has the capacity to feed the entire Corps of Cadets at one time in the main dining area, and it also has separate dining areas for faculty, staff and guests.

The cadet barracks are located on either side of the central quadrangle of the Academy. Cadets are billeted two to a room with adjoining bathrooms between rooms. Barracks are equipped with a communal television room for relaxation, a study room with computer workstations and a computer game room for the weekends. Every barrack can house up to 80 cadets and has a ground floor apartment for every company’s Drill Instructor and his family.

Drill Instructors are present in the barracks at all times cadets are present. DIs monitor behavior, as well as homework schedules and grades.

We provide a full range of resources and support services to ensure cadets are fully prepared to move on to their university or college of choice, including a vast library with designated reading, learning and reference centers, a college placement office, group and individualized tutoring sessions and even counseling to assist cadets with their emotional needs, personal concerns and educational development.

MMA Library

The Harold James Memorial Library serves the cadets and staff during all academic hours, including evening study times.

The library consists of the following: the main reading room complete with Internet-enabled computers, study carousels and a vast media collection; the Marion L. Gary Learning Center where our word processing computers are located; the Brooks Reading Room, an area designated for pleasure reading; and Padilla Reference Room, which houses our unique military collection.

MMA Post Office

Munn Hall houses the campus post office, which accepts deliveries from the USPS, FedEX, UPS, DHL and Lone Star Overnight, making it convenient for parents and guardians to ship care kits to their cadets. Once a package arrives, the drill instructor has appointed a cadet to pick up all packages for his company, and the drill instructor will distribute the packages.

The mailroom is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. Pick up time for cadets is: 12:45 p.m. -1:10 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Mail should be addressed to your cadet as follows:
Cadet (Full Name)
Name of the Company
Marine Military Academy
320 Iwo Jima Boulevard
Harlingen, Texas 78550

Cadet working at a computer

To enhance traditional learning, Marine Military Academy provides cadets with filtered internet access, which is available in numerous departments across campus. In addition to every cadet barrack having a computer study room, there are also 30 internet-enabled computers in the Harold James Memorial Library.

The Academy also has six computer classrooms and an internet-enabled college placement office with five computers available to cadets. Additionally, the science department has one classroom with an internet-connected SmartBoard and digital document cameras with projectors in five classrooms, as well as cinematography arts and photography arts class with seven student workstations and a Cyber Patriot class with six workstations.

Each year, the Marine Military Academy Parents Organization (MMAPO) organizes a program for stranded cadets. In the event a connecting flight is missed, a member of MMAPO will assist him in making a new flight and will stay with him at the airport, as needed. Should an out-going flight not be available until the next day, the MMA volunteer parent will provide overnight shelter and transportation back to the airport. The volunteer MMA parent will not take any action on behalf of your cadet without your consent.

To register to serve as a volunteer parent, please contact the MMAPO at admin@mmapo.com.

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