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Keeping students healthy

Learn about immunizations, physicals and other issues related to student healthy
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Your child must meet the minimum state and local immunization requirements for school entrance and attendance.

If you should have any additional questions about school Immunizations, consult the Texas Department of State Health Services Immunization School Requirements.

Immunization Exemptions

Texas law allows two types of exemptions:

  • 1. Medical - Physicians may write medical exemption statements that the vaccine(s) required would be medically harmful or injurious to the health and well-being of the child.
  • 2. Reasons of Conscience - Parents/guardians may choose an exemption from immunization requirements for reasons of conscience, including a religious belief.

The law does not allow parents/guardians to elect an exemption simply because of inconvenience (for example, a record is lost or incomplete and it is too much trouble to go to a physician or clinic to correct the problem).

How to Apply for an Exemption

Instructions for requesting an affidavit for reasons of conscience can be found on the School Immunizations Exemption Information page of Texas Department of Health Services website. Original exemption affidavit must be completed and submitted to the MMA.

For children claiming medical exemptions, a written statement by the physician must be submitted to the school. Unless a lifelong condition exists, the exemption statement is valid for only one year from the date signed by the physician.

Missing Immunizations

If your son does not have a complete immunization record at the start of the school year MMA's Medical Department will administer missing immunizations. Parents will be billed for the immunizations.

What happens if my son gets sick?

If your child is ill, he will be evaluated in the medical clinic. Depending on his symptoms, he will either be treated on campus with over-the-counter medications or be sent to the academy’s contracted physician for further evaluation. If he is sent off-campus for a doctor’s visit, parents will be contacted and informed of the doctor’s recommendations, upon his return to campus.

My son has a dental/orthodontist/specialist appointment, how will he get there?

If you need to set up any type of medical appointments for your child that require transportation, please contact the medical department directly. We will coordinate with you and the doctor’s office to ensure that transportation is available.

What happens if my son has an accident/injury?

Any time that your child suffers an injury, he will be assessed by a member of the nursing staff and/or the athletic trainer. Depending on the severity of your child’s injuries, he will either be treated on campus, go off campus to see the pediatrician/physician, or make a visit to the hospital emergency department. If his injuries are such that he requires a trip to the hospital emergency department, every effort will be made to contact you prior to transporting him. If, however, we attempt but are unable to contact you, your son’s wellbeing is our priority and he will be promptly transported to the hospital. We will always contact you with any recommendations the doctor has made for your child upon his return to campus

How do I pay for my son’s pediatrician visit if he gets sick?

Dr. L. Miranda, our Medical Director, is contracted through the academy, and therefore you will incur no charge for your son’s visit to see him. However, if your child requires a prescription to be filled, immunization updates or a specialist, your insurance will be required along with a possible co-payment.

My son takes medication daily, what happens when he comes home during holiday breaks or special leave?

If your son is going home and you require a supply of his medication sent home for his visit, please contact the medical department directly by phone or email, a week in advance, to allow for shipping requirements. Let us know how much medication you will need when your son is leaving and if you want it shipped home or if he is to hand-carry it back with him.

My son takes medication daily, how do I manage his refills?

Your child’s medication may be filled at home and shipped directly to the attention of the Medical department or refills may be transferred to our local pharmacy. All controlled medications require an original prescription from Texas in order to be filled locally. When filling a prescription locally, you must set up payment arrangements with the pharmacy so that medications are paid in full before they delivered or picked up.

Yearly Sports Physical?

We require that a Sports Physical (Participation Physical Evaluation) be done for all newly enrolled and returning cadets yearly. A Sports Physical will let us know if your son is healthy enough to participate in physical activities. Please complete the sports physical form before the start of every school year.

The front page must be completed by the parents, signed and dated. The second page will need to be completed by a Physician/Medical Provider, signed and dated.

If we do not have an updated Sports Physical on file by the start of the school year, the Medical Department will schedule a Family Nurse Practitioner to come to campus to complete the physical which will include a $20 charge.

Medical Department:

Direct Number: 956.421.9208

Fax Number: 956-421-9278

Email: medical@mma-tx.org

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