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Parents share how their son’s journey at the Marine Military Academy earned them the tools to find their own path and a promise for a brighter future.
Cadets at morning formation at an elite military high school

“[My son] is much better suited to succeed in life having had part of his life's journey stop at MMA.”

"We are very proud of MMA and the foundation our boys received there. After graduating from the Marine Military Academy in 2000 and 2003, respectively, they both completed their education at The Citadel Military Academy of South Carolina. Matthew graduated in May of 2007 from their civil engineering program and is working for a top-notch company! Nicholas graduated from the Citadel School of Business Administration and is also working his way up the career ladder, and doing it very quickly! We are very proud of both our sons and their roots at MMA. Chase and I continue to recommend parents to send their boys there because we know the value of it."

— Chase and Jacklyn Lang

"Dear Sgt J, It goes beyond belief what you and SGM Wilson did to encourage my son and lead him toward the right path in life. My wife and I are eternally grateful. I will never forget when I brought Marty to MMA and told SGM Wilson that Marty was lucky to graduate from Pittsfield High School. His grades were just about passable and his attendance was not very good. SGM Wilson told me not to worry and that he would hone him up. Well, now Marty was voted cadet of the month for September and carries a 3.8 GPA at The Citadel. He is also vice president of their honor society. None of this could ever have happened without the guidance that you and SGM Wilson showed my son. God bless MMA."

—Art Butler, MSG USA (RET)

"Dissatisfied with our son’s current school, his mother and I did some research and landed on the Marine Military Academy website. This was our first glimpse into the vast possibilities for him. We were thoroughly impressed with its promise of aiding young men in reaching their full potential, its emphasis on Marine Corps values and its excellent reputation for producing college-ready young men, so we scheduled a campus visit and were simply blown away.

The staff and faculty exude professionalism and seriousness of purpose. We found them sincere and encouraging in setting expectations that ensured the school was a good fit for him.

In short, the results we were looking for were immediate and have surpassed what we hoped for him — so much so that we enrolled our youngest son, as well, so that he can have the same opportunities and the experience of a lifetime. MMA has been a blessing for our family."

— Tony and Trudy Hubbard

"We first looked at MMA for Logan because he was not being challenged enough in public school. Once he arrived at MMA as a freshman, he was challenged beyond our expectations. Now, as a sophomore, he has experienced more than any senior in public school. He will be Soloing (Air Wing) and getting his TDL (Texas Drivers License) all in March, as well as his Eagle Scout in May. MMA has broadened Logan’s horizons more than any of us expected. It is hard to let go, but once you do, your child soars!"

— Ms. Kelley K. Workman

"I understand that successful individuals and leaders are not born; they are developed and shaped through their environment and their interactions with those around them. To be a leader or a morally strong individual who can make decisions, one must have a solid academic background, positive role models and a structured environment with discipline, if needed.

My 12-year old son had none of the above when he started at MMA. He was in public school and wasn’t being challenged, and things were out of control. Against his wishes, I enrolled him in summer camp and after a few weeks, he didn’t want to leave. He returned to camp the following year, and then, made the choice to start school there.

My son will graduate from MMA soon and I am proud of him and all he has accomplished. He is not the same individual. He now has goals, confidence, respect for himself and others, integrity and the willingness to do what it takes to be the best he can be."

— Colleen Carlton Dunn

"My son was 12, unhappy at his current school and the Marine Corps emphasis at MMA was a big draw to him. We decided to let him start school there the following year.

Today, he's a senior and there have been no regrets; we would not change a thing. He's learned several valuable life lessons such as accountability, not only for himself but also for his fellow cadets, as well as effective leadership and time management skills.

Additionally, there is a strong mentorship on campus. The DIs and other key personnel become surrogate parents, a critical role and one that we value greatly. They see the ups and downs, resolve conflict, cheer him on when we can’t be there and tend to him in the middle of the night if he is sick. There is a trust and true bond that comes with this relationship. Our son has been at MMA for five years, and his admiration, trust, respect, and love of these good men are making him the man he will become."

— Mrs. Joan K. McGraw

"On my son Drew’s first day, he shared his aspirations of becoming a Cadet Battalion Commander with Gunny Martinez who said, "Well, we'll see what you’ve got.

Four years later, he graduated as Battalion Commander, as well as valedictorian, president of numerous organizations, Eagle Scout, varsity wrestler, private pilot, SCUBA certified and with other awards and accolades, but he didn't get there on his own. Gunny believed in my son and ensured that he believed in himself. He put him in positions to learn, fail, succeed and lead and, ultimately, helped him become a man.

Additionally, Drew was courted by the school of his choice — the Coast Guard Academy — which happens to be the hardest school in the nation to get into, statistically.

Thank you for the opportunities you afforded my young man. He is much better suited to succeed in life having had part of his life's journey stop at MMA."

— Bill Hasbrook

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