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The Campus

Comprehensive Facilities

Marine Military Academy boasts an impressive 142-acre, gated campus located in warm and sunny South Texas. The campus is a five-minute walk from the region's largest airport and a short drive to South Padre Island.

The campus boasts an athletic center, soccer field, football stadium, baseball fields, weight rooms, swimming pool, rifle range, paintball course, rappel tower, obstacle courses, tennis courts, boxing ring, mess hall, auditorium, library, cadet activity center, barbershop, academic buildings, infirmary, museum, staff housing and more.

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Florence E. King Field House

The field house is a fully equipped athletic center that houses a weight room, two racquetball courts, a basketball court reserved for varsity use, locker rooms and showers.

Bowman Stadium

Bowman Stadium hosts all Leatherneck football, soccer and track practices, as well as home games.

Sports Facilities

MMA’s extensive sports facilities include four tennis courts, three gyms, a soccer field, a swimming pool and a baseball field.

Peacher Cadet Activities Center

The activities center houses a large great room for social activities, billiards, computer rooms, vending rooms, a snack bar and a 135-seat movie theater.

LEAD Complex

The Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD) Complex augments and supports the MCJROTC program through outdoor events, which aid in the development of self-confidence, the promotion of interpersonal and problem solving skills and improved physical fitness. The LEAD Complex includes a rappelling tower with 350' zipline, obstacle course, high ropes course, circuit course, pugil stick pit, rope bridge course and combat fitness course.

Gilmore Marksmanship Training Center

The marksmanship center is an indoor/outdoor rifle range that supports the military program. As with all learning activities, cadets are always supervised by MMA staff.

Tom T. East Center

Tom T. East Center is home to the mathematics and science departments. A unique feature of this facility is the synergistic lab, which allows cadets to explore a wide variety of physical phenomena in a hands-on manner including light, sound, flight and bridge design.

Coleman Hall

Coleman Hall is home to the English department, SAT prep computer lab and College Placement Office.

Belle Blaschke Hall

Belle Blaschke Hall is home to the social sciences and foreign language departments as well as the yearbook lab.

Harold James Memorial Library

With over 18,000 books and hundreds of print and online resources, the Harold James Memorial Library reinforces MMA’s strong educational program and is the nucleus for academic activities.


All cadets live in barracks. In every barrack, two cadets are assigned to a room and share a bathroom. Every barrack is equipped with a study room with computers, a game room and a television room. A drill instructor, along with his family, resides in every barrack to provide cadets with continuous supervision and guidance. There are five barracks each housing an individual Company. They include: Smith Hall (Alpha Company), McIlhenny Hall (Delta Company), Greene Hall (Echo Company), Davis Hall (Fox Company), and Johnson Hall (Golf Company).

Neuhaus Mess Hall

Cadets, faculty and staff all enjoy meals in our dinning facility.

William Hill Cocke Administration Building

The administration building houses the admissions, business, development and public information offices as well as the Office of the President.

Coleman Hall

Coleman Hall houses the academic, military and ministry offices.

Munn Hall

Munn Hall houses the medical department — which has its own ward, the barber shop, quartermaster, tailor shop, post office, music department and the academy armory.

Col. Philip J. Yeckel Memorial Auditorium

Used for special events, including concert and theater productions, the large auditorium seats 1,070 people.

Iwo Jima Museum & Gift Shop

Our extensive museum collection and gift shop are open to the public Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Iwo Jima Monument

Located on the Parade Ground, the Iwo Jima Monument is the original model created by Dr. Felix de Weldon to cast the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, VA. After completion of the Iwo Jima Memorial, this sculpture was placed in storage until 1981, when Dr. de Weldon donated it to MMA.

Parade Ground

Throughout the school year, MMA hosts a number of battalion-size parades that are open to the public on its Parade Ground.

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