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Marine Military Academy provides Chinese American boys the preparation they need to succeed in the nation’s top universities.

MMA, an international boarding school located in South Texas, has a long and proven history of developing disciplined, ambitious young men with exceptional character, high scholastic aptitude, and advanced leadership capabilities. MMA graduates are equipped with the intellectual tools to succeed in college as well as their careers. One hundred percent (100%) of MMA graduates are accepted into colleges or universities, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Texas at Austin, Texas A&M University, New York University and many more.

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MMA students experience academic success early on because outside distractions are reduced to a minimum. In the school’s structured and disciplined setting, students focus on academics. The uncompromising academic curriculum, coupled with MMA’s renowned military program, help students develop firm study habits, time management skills, an unwavering work ethic and a commitment to excellence.

Character Development

At MMA, students will learn the time-honored values of respect, honesty, hard work, responsibility and service to others. All of the boys are upheld to the highest ethical and moral standards — and they are held accountable for their actions. MMA develops honorable young men, young men who stand out from their peers and colleagues by their demeanor and actions.

Ethics, honesty, respect, and teamwork are the pillars of any school, but boarding school students live in this environment so they continually observe and practice these values. Boarding school students normally graduate with exceptional character. A character that will help them stand out in the workforce and community.

MMA also teaches the three proud values of the U.S. Marine Corps:

  • Honor: Cadets are held to the highest ethical and moral standards. Respect for others is essential.
  • Courage: Cadets will face their fears and overcome them. They will do what is right no matter what the consequences.
  • Commitment: Cadets strive for excellence in the classroom and on the playing field and never give up. Duty to others is fundamental.

Proven Academic Results

Students greatly benefit from MMA’s small classes (12:1 student-to-faculty ratio). Not only do they receive the personalized instruction they need, but the students also form trusting relationships with their teachers so that they feel comfortable asking questions and going to them for help. Due to MMA’s small classes and strong regimen, the average grade point average for first-year students increases nearly two points.

MMA also provides parents with an online grade book. This tool allows parents to stay abreast of their son’s grades and open the line of communication between them and the MMA faculty. Parents are encouraged to communicate with faculty and keep their son on the path to academic achievement.

Cultural Diversity

Approximately 35 percent (35%) of MMA students originate from different countries, such as China, Russia, Nigeria, Mexico, Germany, and many others. Living in a truly diverse and international setting allows students to expand their cultural understandings of other countries. At MMA, students form lifelong friendships with their schoolmates and, subsequently, establish future professional contacts from across the world.

Structure & Discipline

MMA is a college-preparatory boarding school with the additional benefits of structure and discipline resulting from the military program. With time management, self-discipline, and planning students establish a solid study routine so they can work toward their long-term goals. The young men at MMA are on a mission: to acquire the knowledge they need to successfully complete college and pursue their career goals.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Summer Camp

For Chinese boys who wish to learn or improve their English, MMA offers a four-week English immersion camp in July. At ESL Summer Camp, campers take 120 hours of English instruction and work together to complete projects following English-only instructions. When ESL campers are not in a class, they participate in challenging outdoor activities with boys from other countries. They apply their new English skills during these activities, particularly during the team challenges where communication is crucial.

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