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Marine Military Academy has a proven way to provide help for boys struggling with grades

Does your son spend more time hanging out with his friends than doing his homework? Is your son more concerned about his score on a video game than his grades at school? Is your son basically a good boy with bad grades?

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Without discipline, structure, and goals, boys can get easily distracted and fail to make academic success their first priority. A poor report card does not automatically mean that a teenager has gone wrong. Strong academic performance is as much the result of training as it is about the ability of the student. The regimen of a military school, however, can help an unfocused or unmotivated young man develop the skills he needs to not only raise and maintain his grades but to build his confidence, character and self-expectations.

At MMA, the average GPA for first-year cadets increases by 1.71. How is this possible? Learn about the system and support MMA has in place helping boys struggling with grades to reach their full academic potential:

Structure & Routine

Cadets live in a structured environment that is conducive to learning. The distraction-free setting and highly regimented routine help them focus and develop discipline as well as a strong work ethic. They apply these skills to their studies, which in turn help them realize academic success. MMA has a strong history of transforming low academic performers into high academic achievers.

Small Class Sizes

MMA offers a personalized learning environment that is difficult to achieve in a less-structured educational setting. Cadets benefit from the 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, which allows them to develop a good relationship with their teachers so they feel comfortable asking questions and going to them for help. As a result of the small class sizes, coupled with college-preparatory classes such as Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment classes, 100 percent of our graduates are accepted into colleges or universities.

Cadets in class at MMA

Closed Call to Quarters

Every school night for two hours and 15 minutes, cadets return to their rooms for a mandatory study period called Closed Call to Quarters (CCQ). CCQ removes the temptation of procrastination. During CCQ, the cadets have ample time to complete the day’s assignments and prepare for the following day. As an extra measure to ensure success, every cadet’s drill instructor (DI) has a list of his company’s homework.


The tutorial program is designed to help cadets who are either failing one or more subjects, have organizational difficulties, time management problems, or who could simply benefit from tutorials. Additionally, this program is enhanced by an individualized intervention plan created by a team of teachers, drill instructor, and counselor.

Peer Support

The terms “brotherhood,” “positive peer pressure” and “teamwork” are foreign to many students, but from Day 1 at MMA they will learn these valuable concepts. Cadets are supportive of one another and encourage each other to put forth their best effort whether they are in the classroom or on the field. The brotherhood of a military setting is a powerful thing, and it can be just what is needed if your son is one of those boys needing help struggling with bad grades.

Cadets studying together at MMA

Online Gradebook

Through our Online Gradebook, parents can see their son’s most current grades and directly contact the teachers and/or counselor should they have a question or concern. Strong communication and a working partnership between parents and educators can turn around good boys with bad grades.

Additional Benefits

In addition to college readiness, military schools offer numerous other benefits. Read the “Why Choose a Military School?” article from the Association of Military College and Schools of the United States.

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The structure and discipline of Marine Military Academy promotes an environment where young men can succeed academically and reach their full potential. MMA graduates usually experience a lifetime of success because the discipline and work ethic stays with them for life. At MMA, failure is simply not an option.

If you are looking for a school that can provide help for boys struggling with grades, MMA is a place where your son can excel. We invite you to contact us today. Request additional information or an application.

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