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Marine Military Academy’s structured environment can benefit your son.

Without structure, organization, and consistency, the lives of children who have learning differences such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or attention deficit disorder (ADD) can become chaotic and overwhelming, possibly affecting school performance.

If your son has either ADHD or ADD, and you’re looking for an alternative to conventional academic options, the distraction-free setting of a military school may help improve his mental focus.

Helping young men with ADHD?

As an all-boys, top-tier military boarding school, we recognize that having a predictable routine is integral to helping young men with ADHD or ADD cope most effectively.

That’s why, for 16 hours each school day, our cadets follow an established regimen, which includes a balance of scholastic, athletic and military instruction. Having a consistent schedule not only alleviates confusion about what your son should focus his energy on but also helps him develop time management and concentration skills so that he can eventually begin to internalize them.

Academic Support

We believe that quality education is the basis of success, but we also know that each student is unique and so is his learning style. In order to best help each of our cadets realize his full academic potential, we offer a variety of resources and support services.

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Small Class Sizes

Cadets benefit from the 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, which allows for personalized attention. As a result of our small class sizes, coupled with our cadet’s hard work and commitment, 100 percent of our graduates are accepted into colleges or universities.

Closed Call to Quarters

Every school night for two hours and 15 minutes, cadets return to their rooms for a mandatory study period called closed call to quarters (CCQ) where they have ample time to complete the day’s assignments and prepare for tomorrow. As an extra measure to ensure success, every cadet’s drill instructor (DI) has a list of his company’s homework.


Our tutorial program is designed to help cadets who are either failing one or more subjects, have organizational difficulties, time management problems or who could simply benefit from one-on-one support. Additionally, this program is enhanced by an individualized intervention plan created by a team of your son’s teachers, drill instructor, and counselor

Cadets studying together at MMA

Peer Support

The terms “brotherhood,” “positive peer pressure” and “teamwork” are foreign to many students, but from day one at MMA they will learn these valuable concepts. Our cadets are supportive of one another and encourage each other to put forth their best effort whether they’re in the classroom or on the field.

Online Gradebook

Through our Online Gradebook, parents can see their son’s most current grades and directly contact the teachers and/or counselor should they have a question or concern

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We believe that the structure of Marine Military Academy promotes an environment where young men with ADHD can focus on their goals and realize their full potential.

If you are looking for a school that believes in helping young men with ADHD, we invite you to contact us today to find out how MMA can help.

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