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Being a cadet at MMA means being part of a band of brothers.

Our Corps of Cadets is organized in Marine Corps fashion as a cadet battalion. The Battalion Staff serves to mentor students in the development of living and study habits. Each company consists of a headquarters and two platoons. This structured environment lays the foundation for lifetime bonds and a network of support for the future.

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Alpha Company Emblem

Alpha Company

"Alpha Company is the benchmark for excellence at Marine Military Academy. Come join the best — WE ARE ALPHA!"

Delta Company Emblem

Delta Company

“Delta Company takes pride in giving our best and going for the top — every time!”

Echo Company Emblem

Echo Company

“At Echo Company, we’re building your sons into leaders!”

Fox Company Emblem

Fox Company

“Fox Company not only sees the way to success — our cadets achieve it!”

Golf Company Emblem

Golf Company

“In public school, you are taught a lesson then take a test. At Golf Company, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson!”

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