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Former cadets provide insight into how their experience at Marine Military Academy laid the groundwork for their success.
Cadets at morning formation at an elite military high school

“MMA has a way of scratching through the surface to reveal the young man you really are.”

"Thanks to MMA, I am where I am today — a powerful, positive asset for a successful company that is able to give back to the institution that gave so much to me. Upon graduation from my local high school, my next goal was to be accepted to and graduate from the Naval Academy. However, I found myself lacking the skills and knowledge needed to be considered a solid candidate. That’s when a family friend informed me of MMA’s Postgraduate Program...and the rest is history!

The education and experience I gained in one year at MMA made a huge difference in my career pathway. I learned the skills and techniques necessary to be successful in college and life, gained acceptance to, and completed my education at, the Naval Academy, served our country and returned home to work my way up the corporate ladder to where I am today, a leader and executive of The McIntyre Group, President of the Collegium Charter School Foundation Board, and Board Trustee of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association and Marine Military Academy’s Board.

I wholeheartedly endorse MMA’s Postgraduate Program for any young man who is up to MMA’s tough academic, physical and moral challenge!"

—Thomas Kolongowski, Class of 1982

"My personal experience at MMA was incredibly rewarding, but even more intriguing in my mind, was that of my family. My older brother (Class of 2003), myself ('05), and my younger brother ('09) all attended MMA for our final three years of high school. Though I didn't realize it at the time, each one of us went for very different reasons.

More than one of us needed to build confidence, another needed to learn social structure, and we all needed to learn leadership. MMA taught all of us exactly what we needed it to.

It starts with learning how to lead ourselves. I don't think that's a lesson to be taken lightly and MMA made sure we mastered it. Then, and only then, are we able to lead others. Although I didn't want to admit it until years later, it was immediately apparent to my friends, coworkers, family members, and yes, even myself, that MMA was shaping me for the better. I'm not aware of another school that would have molded me or my brothers into better people than this one. All three of us are now leaders in completely different arenas and know that we couldn't have done it as easily or quickly had we not spent that time at MMA."

—Scott Miller, Class of 2005

"I have incredibly fond memories of my time and experiences at the Marine Military Academy and cannot fully explain all of the ways that it impacted, and continues to impact, my life. I spent five of the most formative years at MMA, and in many ways, I grew up there.

There is no doubt in my mind that the things that I learned at the MMA changed my life for the better. To this day, the way that I organize my time, operate in business and deal with my own family are all heavily influenced by the things and tools that I gained at MMA. I learned a lot about how to structure and manage my time and important lessons about leadership styles and how to apply them in different situations. Most importantly, I acquired a self-confidence that persists and continues to open doors in my everyday life. I know that when I set out to accomplish something, I can do it. The Marine Military Academy gave me that, and I am grateful for every day I spent there.

I would and do recommend it whenever possible and would not hesitate to send my own son there."

— Trey Colvin, Class of 1996

“After graduating from the Marine Military Academy in 1975, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Texas A&M and then enrolled at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. Today, I am a board certified emergency room physician in Bryan, Texas at St. Joseph’s Hospital and attribute my success to the study habits and life experiences I had at MMA.”

— Frank Colunga, Class of 1975

"On the surface, I wasn't quite acceptable for MMA standards going in, but MMA has a way of scratching through the surface to reveal the young man you really are. The discipline I experienced at MMA manifested itself into the self-discipline needed for college and eventually the starting of my own business, which has been succeeding since its inception in 1996. The experience stays with you."

— Joseph Bowman, Class of 1984

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