Boy Scouts Troop 22 News: Citizenship in Community

Boy Scouts: Citizenship in the Community

boy scoutsBoy Scouts Troop 22 members recently attended a Citizenship in the Community merit badge session. Scouts “attended” a recent city commission meeting via a taped YouTube transmission aboard campus. Our nation is held together by a patchwork of communities, where individual citizen participation is all-important to the successful administration and enactment of social, political, and economic programs and policies. The Boy Scouts were exposed to the workings of local government, and witnessed how individual citizens can play an important role. Mr. Steve Gerber shared some valuable insight about how government works, increasing their understanding and motivating them towards becoming future involved citizens. Some of the troop members were involved in ceremony practice for the upcoming Parent’s Weekend festivities this weekend and missed this segment, but we’ll pick it up for them next Tuesday meeting.

Boy Scouts Enjoy Treats!

boy scoutsBoy Scouts Troop 22 meeting opened with Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, and Scout Law as led by Nick Bailey and Henry Frost. The Scouts attentively watched the video and then focused on a discussion with Mr. Gerber. We closed the meeting, and surprised the boys with some tasty Halloween style sweets. GREAT way to end the meeting!!

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