Reading Program Update

Reading Program Mid-Term Update

Mrs. Jackie Palamara

reading programReading well remains a very important life skill.  In order to function in society as a well-informed citizen, a person must comprehend all he sees and hears.  Decoders do not make well-informed citizens.  Vocabulary and comprehension are the skills needed by informed and committed world citizens.

The Reading Program (Fast ForWord) will provide the above mentioned skills to our graduates as they enter the world citizenry.  The latest report on the Scilearn program at MMA reads as follows:

Mid-Term Reading Program Scores

Our fifteen cadets have an average Completion Rate of 141% (65% or better is the goal); our Attendance Rate falls at 83% (80% or greater is the goal based on 5 days per week); the average Participation Rate comes in at 96% (goal set at 95% or greater).  These rates represent the progress made by our cadets in MMA’s reading program.

reading programFrom our fifteen students, 4 have been retested and moved up in their reading level assignments.  Presently on average these cadets have advanced from 1.1 to 2.5 grade levels in just 41 days.   These cadets have improved in their grade averages as a whole.  The feedback I have received from various subject teachers shows improvement in self-esteem and ability in communication in the classroom environment.

Marine MilitaryAcademy’s FastForWord reading program works!  We want to graduate well-informed world citizens.  We want our graduates to succeed through better comprehension of the information around them daily.  Comprehension is the key to a committed citizen.

Be sure to check back at the end of the year for our first complete report covering the entire semester,

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