Parent’s Weekend Wrap-up

Parent’s Weekend 2012 a Big Success!

parents weekendParent’s Weekend 2012 came to a close Sunday night as cadets returned to their barracks and parents began the trip back home with fond memories.

Events kicked off Thursday night with an open house held at the Iwo Jima Museum. Those parents who arrived early had an opportunity to meet many of the staff and faculty members of MMA in an informal setting.

Early Friday morning, a large group of  parents showed up for morning colors. Many of these parents had not seen their sons since they left for school 10 weeks earlier, and they were eager to see the changes that had taken place already. As cadets marched smartly to take their place in rank for morning colors, parents eagerly sought their special young man among the corps of cadets and snapped their cameras as the ceremony took place. As the formation came to a close, parents moved on the next event on the Parent’s Weekend schedule: class with their cadet.

Class with Cadets, A Parent’s Weekend Opportunity

parents weekendParent’s Weekend also gives parents the opportunity to meet their son’s teachers. After morning colors, parents attended classes with their cadet. During the class period, teachers explained the work that was taking place in the classroom and then answered questions from parents. This was an outstanding opportunity for parents to meet teachers for the first time and ask any questions regarding their son’s performance.

That day, classes were only held for half the normal time period to allow the parents the chance to visit all of their son’s classes prior to the noon meal. Parents were then invited to join their son for a  hearty meal at the dining facility. After lunch, cadets were allowed a period of liberty to show their parents around the campus or just spend quality time with them before getting ready for the 47th Anniversary Parade that afternoon.

Photos of colors and classes.

Parent’s Weekend Parade

parents weekendFriday afternoon featured the 47th Anniversary Parade in front of the Iwo Jima Monument. This parade, which is always held during Parent’s Weekend, allows the MMA cadets to show off their close order drill and their impressive progress in just 10 weeks.

The grandstands were filled with parents and visitors, as this parade is also an attraction to much of the local population. The parade was highlighted by a demonstration by the MMA Drill Team, which showed off their skills.

Photos of Parent’s Weekend Parade.



Parent’s Weekend Birthday Ball and Cake-Cutting Ceremony

parents weekend Saturday night saw the final and biggest event of the entire weekend: the Birthday Ball and Cake Cutting Ceremony. This is a formal event for attendees – and no one missed the chance to dress up. Beautiful gowns and snappy uniforms were the order of the day, and the cadets did not disappoint as they spent countless hours preparing their uniforms.

The guest of honor at this year’s ceremony was Mr. Williams J. (Bill) Fanning, Class of 1979. Superintendent Col R. Glenn Hill oversaw the traditional cutting of the cake, and the first slices were presented to the Mr. Fanning and Cadet Christian Delgado of Delta Company, the youngest MMA cadet (born Aug. 9, 1999). Music and dance finished the night as mothers and sons took the floor for the first dance of the night.

The weekend provided many memorable moments for parents and their sons. We hope Parent’s Weekend was as enjoyable for those that attended as it was for the staff and faculty!

Photos of Parent’s Weekend Ball.

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