Boy Scouts Troop 22 News: Eagle Scout Project

Boy Scouts Eagle Scout Final Project Phase

SgtMaj Jim Poe

boy scoutsOn Saturday, November 3rd, Life Scout and MMA Cadet Nick Bailey led his team to the completed assembly of the patio furniture set he plans to donate in support of an annual fundraising silent auction event to benefit La Posada Providencia, a refugee shelter located in nearby San Benito, Texas  La Posada operates entirely on donations and fund raising. Bailey’s impressive contribution should generate significant funds at the annual La Posada fundraiser to be held in January.

The busy Marine Military Academy Parent’s Weekend event was in progress, but Cadet Bailey was able to enlist a team and devote time towards completion. Assisting him were his grandparents Mr. & Mr. Conine, along with fellow rising Scout Star Miguel Salinas. The team worked with focused intent towards achieving the high standards of craftsmanship set boy scoutsby Cadet Bailey. Photo evidence clearly indicates the team has exceeded the mark in all phases of construction. Remaining is the final application of primer and finish overcoat. One more day working the paint brushes should put the final touch on this project.

Boy Scouts Troop 22 is proud of Team Bailey who is on the verge of completing a very challenging project, so KEEP CHARGING to the finish line !!

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Boy Scouts Troop 22 actively seeks donations or other assistance to maintain a quality program. Please contact the Scoutmaster, SgtMajor Jim Poe, at 956-423-6006×270 if you have questions about the Boy Scout program or seek to lend your support.

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