Cyber Patriot News: October 2012

Cyber Patriot Team Attends Security Lecture

cyber patriotOn October 17, 2012 the MMA Cyber Patriot team went to University of Texas-Pan American for a lecture on Cyber Security Challenges by Dr. Tony Coulson, Director of Cal State San Bernardino Cyber Security Center.   Dr. Coulson discussed the need more Cyber Security Professionals and that we do not currently have enough of them to defend against all the attacks that are threatening the United States of America.  He discussed what types of treats are out there, what you need to be aware of and how China is leading the way in cyber hacking with Russia, Taliban, and Iran are gearing up for their cyber-attacks.  This was the first security lecture that the Cyber Patriot Team had attended and they were keenly interested in the subject matter.

Cyber Patriot Team

cyber patriotMr. William Beckman, MMA Cyber Patriot Coach took the following Cyber Patriot team members to the lecture:  Cadet Jose Rodriguez, Daniel Murashov, Dylan Che, Kyle Rogers, Drew Hopkins, Obiajulu Ezenwabachili, and Rustam Shaykhutdinov.  Two additional staff members also attended with the team,  Mr. William Hinkle and  GySgt. Raul Garcia.  I like to thank GySgt. Garcia for the invitation to attend the lecture and visit his University.

Cyber Patriot Team Learns about the Future of Cyber Security

cyber patriotFuture Challenges in Cyber Security: Local and National Perspectives was held on October 18, 2012 was the second part of the lecture. On the panel was Dr. John Abraham Professor, Computer Science, Dr. Tony Coulson , Dr. Sadiq Shah Vice Provost for Research and Sponsored Projects, Mr. Joe Voje Chief Information Security Officer, Dr. Jerald Hughes Professor, Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Methods.  This time it was aimed at the audience’s questions.  Whatever question you had you would ask it to the panel and they would take turns in replying to those questions.  Cadet Hopkins asked the question:  “Why would it be good to have a Cyber Security Class in high school?”  They took turns and told him it would give him a big edge in Cyber Security because most high schools do not have one in place.  They also went on to say you would be ahead of the learning curve once you go to college.  After the panel finished, the cadets went over to thank them for the information and talk to them about whatever was on their minds.  The Cyber Patriot Team finished off the day by going to eat before heading back to MMA.  The cadets were excited and eager to learn more about Cyber Security.

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