Eagle Scout Project Continues

Boy Scouts News: Team Bailey Nearing Eagle Project Completion

boy scoutsNick Bailey and his boy scouts team leaped over several big hurdles towards completion of his Eagle Scout Leadership Project this past Saturday (Oct 27th). Nick accepted the challenge of constructing from scratch a heavy duty, six-piece outdoor patio furniture set. He plans to donate the furniture in support of an annual fundraising silent auction event to benefit La Posada Providencia of San Benito, Texas  http://www.lppshelter.org/. He has been in-work the past several weeks on the project.

He hopes his team’s efforts will garner a significant monetary return for the organization.  Based on the superb results so far, this shouldn’t be an issue.

boy scoutsA steady focus and the application of body and mind are producing impressive results as evidenced by the photos.  Boy Scouts Troop 22 adult leader Mr. Steve Gerber is totally devoted to MMA Boy Scouts. He pitched-in with high attention to detail and workmanship standards for several hours. For that, he was suitably rewarded with a fine lunchtime meal at the MMA messhall!

Fellow Boy Scouts Assist

Fellow Boy Scouts Nathan Logan and Clay Rhodes gave no mind to Saturday liberty, and instead chose the higher calling of “Service to Others” by assisting a fellow Scout on the path to Eagle while benefiting the local community. What an example of unselfish leadership! Commendable…..most commendable.

boy scoutsWith the complete assembly of one chair, it was only fair that Nick should be the very first to take a seat. Turns out it was such a natural fit that the team had to remind him it was a patio chair, not a throne!

Perhaps another full day and the project will be complete. Team Bailey could not have undertaken this ambitious project without generous outside support from the caring and benevolent individuals wishing him success. To all of those he sends a big THANK YOU!

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